Why is my faucet leaking under the handle?

Continuous leak when faucet is on or off: When the faucet is on or off, water leaks from under the handle area. With this issue, dirt and debris have collected in the valve/cartridge which prevents the valve from properly controlling the flow of water.

How do I fix a leaking old fashioned faucet?

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Quote from Youtube video: So simply put i could just put a washer right back in here maybe get a new screw. But look at. This. Look at the side of this. Right here it's completely worn on the side.

How do you fix a leaky bathroom faucet single handle?

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Quote from Youtube video: Remove the screw and lift off the handle. This is the adjusting ring tighten. The adjusting ring with a pair of needle nose pliers. The tightening will compress the parts inside the faucet.

How do you fix a leaking double handle bathroom sink faucet?

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Quote from Youtube video: First take off the handle. Then unscrew the valve stem on the stem remove the old gasket screw. And seat washer. Apply some plumbers grease.

How do you fix a bathroom faucet handle?

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Quote from Youtube video: First shut the water off by turning the handle. Clockwise. It's always good though to check to make sure you turned off the right water source oh yeah and don't use the other handle.

What is an O-ring on a faucet?

Kitchen faucets have one or more O-Rings to prevent water from leaking out around the spout base. If the O-Ring wears out, you’ll see water at the base of the spout every time you turn on the water.

How do you change a washer on an old fashioned tap?

How to Replace a Tap Washer in 5 Steps

  1. Cover the drain and protect the bath or basin. Before you start make sure you put the plug into the basin waste to prevent small components such as screws falling down the drain. …
  2. Turn off the water. …
  3. Remove the top and undo the valve. …
  4. Replace the washer tap. …
  5. Put the tap back together.

How do you change a washer on an old faucet?

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Quote from Youtube video: Put the handle back on the stem. And give it a twist. Now remove the washer. And replace it with a new one. Some faucets have a spring under the washer like this one valve washers come in many shapes.

How do you replace a double handled faucet cartridge?

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Quote from Youtube video: First align the tab on the new cartridge to the slot on the faucet. Now screw on the bonnet nut and tighten with the crescent wrench reinstall the handle and pop the caps back.

How do you fix a leaky faucet stem?

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Quote from Youtube video: Make sure you turn the water off take your handle. Off. Then you can remove the stem you'll need a crescent wrench or a pair of pliers. Once. You have the stem removed.

How does a two handle faucet work?

Compression faucets have two separate handles. When the handle is turned, it raises or lowers a washer or seal that closes against a valve seat at the base of the stem to restrict water flow through the faucet body when you turn the handle off.

How do you take apart a two handle faucet?


  1. Remove the Faucet Handle. Examine the faucet handle to determine how it is installed. …
  2. Remove the Retaining Nut. Loosen the cartridge retaining nut, using a pipe wrench or tongue-and-groove pliers. …
  3. Remove the Old Cartridge. …
  4. Buy a New Cartridge. …
  5. Install the New Cartridge. …
  6. Complete the Installation.

What kind of bathroom faucet do I have?

Three types of bathroom faucets are likely to have a single handle: the ball, disc and single handle cartridge types. You can tell if you have a ball type if the handle rotates, wiggles and coasts in any direction like a joystick on what looks like a ball set into the top of the faucet.

How do you take apart a bathroom sink faucet?

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Quote from Youtube video: Now your drain assembly is free to be removed from below the sink. To begin removing the faucet use an adjustable wrench to disconnect the water supply lines from the faucet inlets.

How do you remove a faucet handle without screws?

You can use an allen wrench (also called an allen key) to remove it. Once you’ve done that, you can typically just lift the faucet handle off. However, if it has a cartridge inside, you may need to unscrew a top piece as well to be able to remove the cartridge.

What kind of faucet do I have?

Identify The Model Number

Some manufacturers will also print the serial number on the faucet or the cold water supply line tag, which is usually located below the sink. Although the serial number will not tell you the exact model number, it can tell you the brand and usually the family of faucets the model is from.

What are the different types of faucets?

The Four Most Common Types of Faucets

  • Ball Faucets. Ball faucets are a type of single-handle faucet that’s easily identifiable by the handle sitting on top of a ball-shaped cap on the top of the faucet spout. …
  • Disc Faucets. …
  • Cartridge Faucet. …
  • Compression Faucet.

How do I identify a faucet stem?

How do you find your faucet stem or handle? It’s easy to narrow it down to a few choices. Simply count the number of splines on the broach. Once you have that number you can locate your stem or handle by spline count and comparing the picture.