Also called a piggy-back, slimline, or twin breaker, a tandem breaker is a double breaker that takes up the space of a single-pole breaker. Unlike a double-pole breaker, which serves a single 240-volt circuit, a tandem serves two 120-volt circuits; it cannot be used to supply 240 volts to a single circuit.

Why would two breakers be tied together?

Handles are typically tied together when all the breakers are supplying a single piece of equipment. For example, in a 120/240 volt single phase system, two breakers might be tied together for a piece of equipment that requires 240 volts. Three breakers tied together would be common for a 3 phase systems.

What happens if you connect two circuits together?

The faulty neutral on the other circuit will cause overload of the wire ampere carrying capacity when power is being used from both circuits but the one good neutral has to return current to the breaker box for both circuits. Overloaded wires can cause melting insulation and electrical fires.

Can you tie two single pole breakers together?

No. Breakers are required to “trip free”, meaning trip even if the handle is held in the “on” position.

Are tandem breakers safe?

Tandem breakers are safe and legal to use only when the panel is designed for them and only in the slots that accept tandem breakers.

Why are two 15 amp breakers tied together?

Both hot wires need to be tied together so they won’t be tripped/switched off independently. You should replace the two individual breakers with a 240v breaker.

Can 2 circuits share a breaker?

The short answer is yes, if you have breakers that accept two wires, or if you pigtail them in the panel and connect a jumper to the breaker.

Can you have 2 breakers in series?

Putting two breakers of same size and rating in series can be dangerous. manufacturers give the short circuit breaking current for ONE device. Modern CB operated with the magnetic force generated during the short circuit.

How do you fix a double tapped circuit breaker?

Quote from Youtube video: I could just use a wire nut and twist these together best. Practice is to use a pliers and to pre twist them a little bit.

Is Double lugging against code?

Double lugged neutrals are a defect, were never up to code, and should be corrected. The good news is that it should take an electrician about 1 minute to fix it!

How many tandem breakers are allowed in a 100 amp panel?


Based on this formula, the maximum number of circuits allowed in a 100-amp 120/240-volt panelboard is 20.

How do you install a piggyback circuit breaker?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: You will just have two circuits. On one breaker they snap in the same way. Too one thing to watch out for is in some panels. They only let you install the tandem breakers at the bottom of the panel.

Where do you put tandem breakers?

Tandem breakers are universally installed at the bottom of the panel, and depending on the size of your service, there are only a few slots available. This is to prevent homeowners from installing too many circuit breakers in their panel.

Can I install tandem breakers?

The use of tandem circuit breakers is a perfectly acceptable practice, as long as the panelboard is designed for tandem circuit breakers and they’re installed in locations within the panelboard where they’re allowed.