How do you install LED strip lights over cabinets?

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Quote from Youtube video: To begin the strip installation above your cabinets drill a hole in the top of your cabinet above the power supply. Used two conductor power wire to connect your additional controller to the power.

Why are my LED light strips not working?

Bad Pin Connection – If your LED strip light fails to turn on at all, then check your pin connections. Most likely, the pin is not inserted correctly. In rare cases, the pin is faulty. These tiny connectors are rather delicate items so you have to be very careful when inserting them.
Sep 17, 2017

Can you use LED strip lights under cabinets?

Under the Cabinets. If your kitchen has a row of wall cabinets, stick the LED lights along their bottom, or along the kitchen console table. Then adjust the color to whatever you like depending on kitchen decoration style and your preferences, and make the kitchen exude a different aura.
Jun 19, 2020

Where should LED strip lights be placed under cabinets?

If you want to install under cabinet lighting as task lighting, you should place the strip lights closer to the middle front edge of the cabinets, so the countertop will be exposed to as much light as possible. For ambient or accent lighting, you may want to place them closer to the back edge.

Can LED strips be fixed?

The best way to fix this problem is to replace the faulty section with a new working strip. This guide will walk you through the steps of replacing your faulty light strips. You will learn how to identify which strip is in need of replacing, as well as how to remove that strip from the working strip.

What can go wrong with LED lights?

Most Common Problems with LED Lights

  • Using the wrong current.
  • LED bulbs overheat.
  • Low quality solder and wire bonds.
  • Improper use of LED lighting.
  • Issues with color rendering.
  • Existing fittings and fixtures are incomparable.
  • Light Emitting Efficacy.
  • Overly complicated circuits.

How many under cabinet lights do I need?

In general, one puck light is needed for every 8–12 in. of cabinet length. This spacing will provide the best uniformity and distribution of light and avoid any dark areas under the cabinets.

How many lumens do I need for under cabinet lighting?

For under cabinet lighting, you should look for fixtures that produce at least 250 lumens per foot. Therefore, if your fixture is 24 inches long, you want it to produce at least 500 lumens. This should provide enough light across your counters.

What is the best wattage for under cabinet lighting?

As a point of reference, remember that kitchen counters – often lit by under-cabinet fixtures – need about 4 to 10 watts of power per foot with 5 mm LEDs or about 20 watts per foot with high-power LEDs. For precision lighting, you’ll need low-output lamps in tight clusters or evenly-spaced high-output LEDs.

How long do LED strip lights last?

50,000 hours

Longevity. LEDs have an unbelievably long expected life-span, compared to both incandescent and fluorescent lights. With an average life-expectancy of some 50,000 hours, LED strip lights will still be burning bright in 17 years’ time, long after their traditional counterparts will have expired.

Do LED strip lights still work when cut?

Due to their design, LED Strip Lights will continue to work even after they have been cut. This is because their circuit is completely closed at each cutting point. If you are removing a section from the end of your strip light, always make sure you are cutting it at the end away from the connector.
Jun 14, 2012

How do you connect LED strips after cutting?

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Quote from Youtube video: Yourself. Remove the plastic to reveal the circuits and make sure you remove enough to expose the letters. Too. You can create a new end or connect two lines. Directly. Now in a pinch.

How do I reset my LED strip light?

Insert a paper clip, or a similar sized object, into the reset hole on the controller (depicted below). Using the paper clip, press and hold the reset button inside the reset hole for eight (8) seconds. If done successfully, the light strip will flash five times then cycle through the colors blue, green and red.

How do you get LED lights to work again?

Check for any visible loose connections, make sure all of your connectors and wires are in place and have not fallen out. Try tightening screws on DC adapters, and re-inserting LED strips into solderless connectors, which are common contact failure points.
Oct 26, 2019

How do you fix LED Strip Lights?

How to Fix an LED Light Strip

  1. Determine the area of damage.
  2. Unplug the light strip.
  3. Detach adhered lights with blade if possible.
  4. Use scissors along the copper markings to cut out the damaged section.
  5. Cut a new section of same light strip from a new or leftover roll.

Do LED strips burn out?

When they are connected correctly, smart LED strips rarely burn out. However, if too many strips are connected in series, this can lead to a circuit overload. The total resistance will be too high. This can lead to excessive heat being generated.

Can LED cause fire?

So, can LED lights catch fire? LED bulbs do not generate enough heat to start a fire. This is because they are designed to use almost all their power sources solely for light emission. Because one of the main reasons for a bulb to catch fire is overheating, LED lights are safer than incandescent lights are.

How long will LED strips last?

between 20,000 hours and 50,000 hours

Most LED light strips can last anywhere between 20,000 hours and 50,000 hours. This depends on your specific installation, products used, how often you have them on and the manufacturer of the diodes. 50,000 hours equals 17 years of light output for 8 hours a day.

HOW LONG CAN LED strip lights stay on?

With an average life-expectancy of some 50,000 hours, LED strip lights will still be burning bright in 17 years’ time, long after their traditional counterparts will have expired. With strip Lights, it’s important to safeguard their longevity.
Jan 15, 2013

Why do LED strips burn out?

Its when an LED get too hot and starts to eat more and more current until its ultimate failure. The resistors are calculated for a certain voltage, and it could be set too high which would be fine, but it could be set too low and thats where the problem will be.
Nov 11, 2018

Do LED strip lights raise electric bill?

LED strip lights do not cost a lot of electricity compared to traditional incandescent lights. Consumption is directly determined by the length of the strip light and its light density. A standard 5-meter strip will cost less than $3 a year to run, on average.
May 28, 2021