Can you put a motion sensor on a three way switch?

When using in a 3-way application use one sensor and one standard 3-way switch. Cannot be used with another sensor, or in a 4-way application. WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS: If you are not sure about any part of these instructions, consult an electrician.

How do you wire a 3 way motion sensor light switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: On my three-way circuit this is the power side we're going to start off here first. And then on the switch. Here we have these four wires. We have the neutral. The black and blue for the travelers.

How do you identify a 3 way line and load wire?

Every 3-way switch has two brass screws, and the two traveler wires always go on those. They also have one black screw whose name is common, and either your always-hot or your switched-hot wires will go on those.

How do you wire a motion sensor switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: So now all you're gonna do is take a picture and start removing all of these wires okay and you can remove them just by loosening the screws.

Does a motion sensor switch need a neutral?

Picking a Motion Sensing Switch. The most important consideration is the necessity of a neutral wire. Some motion-sensing switches require that there be a neutral (white) wire attached to them, some do not—for those that do there is no substitute.

What is the red wire in a 3-way switch?

The black hot wire connects to the far right switch’s common terminal. Red and blue wires link traveler terminals of both switches. The red wire, which is connected to the first switch’s common terminal, leads back to the fixture.

How do you install a 3 way sensor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Then use this as a ground wire next these two will be your travelers for your three-way wires. Put your red with the blue and then black with black and this last wire is their switch leg.

How do you install a Lutron 3 way motion sensor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Push the wires back into the wallbox. And mount the occupancy sensor to the wall box using the screws that came with the sensor tighten the screws until the sensor is tight against the wall.

How do you install a 3-way switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: Easier three-way switches let you control a light fixture from two locations. Before installing make sure you always use a wire tester to test for current in both locations. Always make sure you turn

Can you put a motion sensor on a two way switch?

Yes, you can, under code, but you will also need to have ‘real’ switches also installed. As far as the second part write on a bit of paper, in marker, and stuff it in the the motion sensor junction box.

What is difference between motion sensor and occupancy sensor?

The Occupancy sensor detects presence of people or animals in the target monitored area. The motion sensor responds to moving objects only. The difference between them is occupancy sensor produce signals whenever an object is stationary or not while motion sensor is sensitive to only moving objects.

Does a motion sensor need to be grounded?

Electrically the device will function the same if you connect it to a ground wire or a neutral.

How do you wire an outdoor motion sensor light?

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Quote from Youtube video: Begin installing your motion sensor light by attaching the mounting strip. This allows you to attach the wires before mounting the fixture match.

How do you connect a motion sensor?


  1. Turn off the power at the main breaker switch.
  2. Remove the old light fixture and replace it with the new motion-sensor lights, connecting the white wire to white and the black wire to black with the wire nuts.
  3. Tuck all the wires neatly into the socket.
  4. Points the bulbs and the sensor in the desired directions.

How do you wire a motion sensor light?

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Quote from Youtube video: So you always put your loop in a clockwise. Direction. That's because when the screw turns down it tightens the loop up these are the ground wires. And you want all ground wires to be connected.

How do you install a sensor switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: And then after you've turned off the circuit breaker then you need to check to make sure that the power is in fact. Off. Now we know that the power is off we can remove the switch from the wall.

How does a motion sensing switch work?

An active sensor sends out sound waves that bounce off people and objects in the room and then returns them to the switch. If the returning waves identify a change in the pattern of the objects in the room—because someone has entered or is moving in the room—the sensor triggers the switch that turns on the light.