Can you extend a ledger board?

Sometimes, you may want to extend your ledger board beyond the house to function as a beam with a post connection at the opposite end. In this case, you will probably have to double up the ledger board for at least half the distance to the post for adequate strength.

Can you attach a beam to a ledger board?

From a more general engineering standpoint, the main concern with attaching a beam or girder to a ledger or a rim joist is the potential for lateral torsional buckling. This is where a long, slender beam with little to no lateral support twists under load, sometimes under its own weight.

How much weight can a ledger board hold?

The ledger is 10′ long so every foot of ledger must be designed to carry at least 200 lbs of load.

How do you attach a ledger board to an existing deck?

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Quote from Youtube video: Before installing the ledger board into place there's one very important step which is to waterproof the houses rim joist using a rubber membrane. This will keep any water running down the exterior.

Can a deck ledger board be two pieces?

The ledger board doesn’t have to be one continuous board. It can be a series of broken sections if it is solidly attached. This will require extra bolts and installing a 2x nailer across the top of the vent to secure the decking along the house wall.

How far can ledger board cantilever?

Maximum allowable overhang cannot exceed 1/4 of the actual main span.

How do I attach a joist to a ledger board?

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Quote from Youtube video: So what you want to do is but when it's the drop beam put it up on the beam first. And then we gotta I already got the crown on it so if you pound it up. Put it up on my shoulder to hold.

Can a deck be wider than the ledger board?

As a general rule, you should use the same size of board for the ledger as you plan to use for the joists. You can use a larger board, however, if it allows for a better connection to the house framing. Calculate the length as 3 inches less than the width of the deck framing.

What is the difference between a rim joist and a ledger?

Rim joists or end joists are the outermost joists perpendicular to the ledger. Joist hangers: Metal fasteners that allow you to fasten the joists in place without notching the ends of the board. A joist hanger secures a joist to a ledger or rim joist.

Can you use Tapcons for ledger board?

Titen HD anchors (Tapcons on steroids as some call them) even in galvanized finish are not to be used in exterior application. Never to be used to attach Ledger Boards.

Does a ledger board need to be pressure treated?

Installing the Ledger Board

The lumber for the ledger and all framing members must be pressure-treated for exterior use. The ledger will establish the height of your deck. This is an absolutely critical connection and must be installed properly to ensure the strength and safety of the deck.

How many lag bolts do you put in a ledger board?

Approved Fasteners

The International Residential Code lists two fasteners for directly attaching ledgers to a house: 1/2-inch-diameter hot-dip-galvanized hex-head machine bolts and 1/2-inch-diameter hot-dip-galvanized lag screws.

Can I use 2×6 for ledger board?

Trex recommends 16″ OC at most, 12″ if running the boards diagonally. This is fine for 2×6 spacing. For the ledger, it’s worth replacing so it’s the same size. You might not be able to fully secure the larger hangers to the smaller ledger.

Does a ledger board need flashing?

How to Flash a Deck Ledger Board. If you cut out your siding to install a ledger board, careful steps must be taken to ensure that moisture cannot reach your house. Infiltrating rainwater can travel downward, sideways and even upward, so special flashings must be used.

How do you waterproof a ledger board?

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Quote from Youtube video: So the top edge of this metal flashing down here would be protected by a shingle manner like installation of the membrane waterproofing and then the ledger board is attached.

How do you replace a rotting ledger board?

Cut a ledger board to the length of the removed rotted section, placing the new section into the removed section, and attach the new ledger patch to the scabs using 3 inch screws.

Can you put flashing over pressure treated wood?

Never use galvanized steel or aluminum flashing in contact with an ACQ pressure-treated wood ledger board because it will corrode. Vinyl flashing is the least expensive option, but it may not work as well in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations.

How do you flash a ledger board roof?

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Quote from Youtube video: The solution is to cut the house wrap one inch off the roof deck roll it up and tape it out of the way of the roofer at. This point the roofer will install roofing film and step flashing.

How do you tie a roof over an existing roof?

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Quote from Youtube video: You take a four foot. Level six foot level if it's a big job you use a straight if you can find one two by four. And float it across so this would be my rafters on the comment section of the addition.

How do you attach a shed roof to an existing roof?

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Quote from Youtube video: They attach from the top with a 10 inch structural screw and blocking in between as a finished surface visible from below 1 by 6 is attached to the top of the rafters.