Yes you can have an outlet inside the enclosed area for a gas furnace. Some jurisdictions require both a light and a receptacle. A separate circuit is only required for the furnace itself.

Can you add outlet to closet?

The 2008 National Electric Code forbids open or partially enclosed lamps and pendant lights in closets, per section 410.16(B). It doesn’t have any restriction on outlets in closets.

Can you wall in a furnace?

Moving the furnace can be expensive and impractical — if not impossible — so your best choice is to conceal it from view. This can be done by placing walls around the appliance and hanging a furnace room door to create a dedicated furnace room.

Can I store things in my furnace closet?

Safety first. Never leave any combustibles in the furnace room. Don’t store anything near your furnace that’s combustible at low flash points – like gasoline, paint and paint thinners. Always keep the area free of dust and debris – vacuum and clean around your furnace and water heater tank to prevent dust buildup.

How do you add an outlet to a furnace switch?

Quote from Youtube video: So i'm gonna show you how to add this first turn off power number eight turn off then open your electrical box very high power to your.

Does a furnace closet need ventilation?

For safety, you need the required venting, but as long as you extend pipes to the roof or outside walls, you do not need to worry about the closet. Space and heating issues are much more important concerns in closet installation.

What is the minimum clearance around a furnace?

30 inches by 30 inches

2015 IRC M1305 recommends that the furnace have a level working space of at least 30 inches by 30 inches in the front of the appliance. Municipalities may require a minimum of 30 clear inches in front of the furnace, which can be accomplished in a small room if the door to the room opens in front of the furnace.

Does furnace need dedicated circuit?

According to building codes, a furnace must be supplied by a dedicated circuit, meaning the circuit cannot supply power to anything other than the furnace. This circuit is served by its own circuit breaker in the breaker box (properly called the main service panel).

Does furnace need to be on GFCI?

If the furnace is not cord and plug connected and is direct-wired, then no GFCI protection is required, no matter where it is located. Yes, a GFCI is required.

Does a furnace need a disconnect?

Because a furnace has a blower motor rated at over 1/8 horsepower, it needs a disconnect within sight of the appliance, and a lockout at the breaker is not an acceptable substitute.

Can a furnace be in a bedroom closet?

No, you can’t install a furnace in a bedroom closet — or the bedroom for that matter. The major component of the average furnace’s operation is its burners. A furnace generates heat thanks to fire from a gas or propane energy source.

How close can a wall be to a furnace?

30 inches

Furnace Room Clearance Requirements

A general standard is to have at least 30 inches of space between the walls and a furnace’s sides.

Can an electric furnace be in a closet?

But the answer is yes they can be in the same closet.

Can you put a high efficiency furnace in a closet?

High-efficiency furnaces may be installed in basements, ground-floor utility rooms, garages or attics, in open spaces or confined closets.

How much space does an electric furnace need?

What Size Electric Furnace Do You Need?

Home Size (Single Story): Electric Furnace Output Needed (BTU per hour.): AC Unit Size Needed:
1200 to 1500 square ft 55,000 BTU 2 tons
1500 to 1800 square ft 60,000 BTU 2.5 tons
1800 to 2500 square ft 70,000 BTU 2.5 to 3 tons
2500 to 3500 square ft 90,000 to 100,000 BTU 3.5 to 4 tons

Does furnace room need vented door?

A furnace room needs a louvered vented door. The louvered door allows venting to get combustion air into the furnace room. When the furnace pushes air into the home, it needs an equal amount of air to go back into the furnace room to work efficiently.