How do you remove a cabinet above a refrigerator?

If you need to remove two of them, cut them both. Take your measurements first, remove the doors, unscrew the cabinets and remove them from the wall. Use a straightedge to draw a line around the perimeter where the cabinet needs to be cut off. Use a circular saw to cut the cabinet one side at a time to shorten it.

Can you remove part of cabinet?

Remove any trim or molding on the cabinets.

Use either a crowbar or the claw of a hammer to remove these. Insert the blade in between the trim and cabinet. If the space is tight, give the crowbar a few taps with a hammer to drive in into the crack. Then pry until the trim comes off.

What is the cabinet above the fridge used for?

Large Platters/Serving Bowls

Large platters, serving dishes, and you may only use punch bowls on holidays or special events. What is this? Storing these items in a space like a cabinet over the fridge works well because you often don’t need access to them.

How do you secure a cabinet above a refrigerator?

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Quote from Youtube video: Step two align the top of your side panels with the top of your above the refrigerator cabinet remove the protective corner packaging and protective film prior to installing the side panel.

How do you remove scalloped trim from cabinets?

Use a power sander or sand paper to smooth the area that was underneath the wavy trim piece or that was damaged in the process of removing it. Wipe the area down with a dust cloth, fill any holes with spackle or wood filler, and touch up the paint or stain to match. Add a pretty pendant light, and you’re done!

How do you remove cabinet trim?

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Quote from Youtube video: Once you make a gap. You can use your other pry bars to gently work it away from the wall.

Can you remove decorative trim from cabinets?

Find a starting place near the end of a piece of molding. Insert the flexible putty knife between the molding and the cabinet and try to gently pry the molding away. Once you open a little gap, switch to the stiff putty knife and work your way along.

What is the purpose of a Furdown?

The furr down is the enclosed area between the cabinets and ceiling. An enclosed area between the top of a kitchen cabinet and the ceiling is often called a “furr down.” Removing the furr down can give a kitchen a more open feel but it can also expose plumbing, wiring or duct work that may be hidden inside.

What is the enclosed area above kitchen cabinets called?

A kitchen soffit is a closed-in area above the cabinets. Soffits were a popular design included in homes in the mid-to-late 1900s.

Can you remove bulkhead in kitchen?

Kitchen soffits sometimes known as bulkheads can be difficult to deal with if they are creating too much of a protrusion in your home. A kitchen soffit can’t always be removed, but can often be disguised or covered up in ways that allow the soffit to blend in with the overall look of the kitchen.

What can I do with a kitchen bulkhead?

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Quote from Youtube video: Another way to deal with bulkheads is to decorate them. And bring attention to them in a traditional kitchen add mouldings.

How do you get rid of space above kitchen cabinets?

11 Smart Ways to Use the Space Above Your Cabinets

  1. Display serving pieces. …
  2. Use canisters to conceal clutter. …
  3. Or bust out the baskets. …
  4. Show off a collection. …
  5. Display cookbooks. …
  6. Store your wine. …
  7. Grow something. …
  8. Add another shelf.

Why is there a gap above kitchen cabinets?

Mainly it is a matter of cost and ease of installation. Most kitchen cabinets are built in standard sizes and, when mounted on the wall, they leave space up above which gives the installer some wiggle room when leveling the cabinets.

Why do kitchen cabinets not go to the ceiling?

Ceiling height cabinets are not easy to access as they are very high up in the ceiling. Anything up there at the top of these cabinets is quite hard to access hence you will need to have something to step on in order to reach these things. This also poses some very serious safety concerns.