A thermopile will generate more electricity than a thermocouple and usually has a different type of electrical connection. You should use a replacement with the same specifications as the original or your gas control may not function properly.

Can you replace a thermopile with a thermocouple?

Watch out: thermopiles and thermocouples are not interchangeable. When replacing a temperature sensing device like a thermocouple or thermopile, you should be sure to purchase the proper part.

Is a thermocouple the same as a thermopile?

The main difference between Thermocouple and Thermopile is their method of measurement. The thermocouple is a thermoelectric instrument, while the thermopile is an instrument that modifies thermal energy into electrical output.

Can you replace thermopile?

Thermocouples are designed to detect a pilot light’s loss of heat and close the gas valve to prevent a gas leak. Replacing a thermocouple is a relatively easy fix that can take less than two hours.

Does a water heater have a thermocouple or thermopile?

Troubleshoot water heater thermopile. Pilot light heats the thermocouple or thermopile, producing small millivoltage of electricity that travels to the gas control valve. Current from thermocouple travel to control on a hollow copper pilot tube with wire inside.

Why do I have a thermocouple and a thermopile?

Gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts use thermocouples and thermopiles primarily to generate electricity. When turned on, the pilot in a gas stove generates heat, which travels through a thermocouple. As the heat reaches the second junction of the thermocouple, it generates electrical voltage.

What does a thermopile and thermocouple do?

What is the Difference Between a Thermocouple and a Thermopile? The thermocouple more or less acts like a sensor for gas flow and supplies gas to the pilot light through the gas valve. The thermopile, on the other hand, opens up the gas valve when the fireplaces are turned on.

How do you replace a thermopile on a water heater?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: Loosen off and remove the manifold. And pilot tube. Make sure to use the correct size wrenches as these connections are made of grass. And can be easily. Stripped.

How do I reset my thermopile?

Replacing a Thermopile

  1. Turn off the Gas Supply. …
  2. Disconnect the Wires. …
  3. Remove the Manifold Door. …
  4. Remove the Pilot Assembly and Thermopile Wire. …
  5. Place the New Thermopile Wire. …
  6. Feed the Wires Through the Manifold Door. …
  7. Install the Manifold Component Block. …
  8. Reconnect the Thermal Switch Wiring.

How much does a thermopile cost?

24″ Thermopile

Was: $16.99 Details
Price: $15.48
You Save: $1.51 (9%)

How long does a thermopile last?

Thermopile sensors don’t have a specific life expectancy or degradation rate. As long as they are used correctly and maintained properly, thermopiles can last for years or even decades and remain in good working condition.

Why does a thermopile fail?

If the thermopile does not generate the correct voltage, the heater may fail to provide you hot water. So, this is what the thermopile voltage low error means. The error means the thermocouples in the collection cannot generate enough current to power the control panel that we mentioned.

How much should a plumber charge to replace a thermocouple?

If you have a faulty thermocouple, it will be impossible to reignite the pilot light. If your thermocouple goes bad, there is only one thing to do: Replace it. If you hire a professional plumber to do this, it may cost up to $200 total.

Are thermocouples interchangeable?

Commercial thermocouples are interchangeable, economical, and supplied with standard connectors. Unlike most other temperature measurement devices, external form of excitation is not required for thermocouples because they are self-powered.

Are thermocouples universal?

Universal thermocouples come in lengths from 15 to 36 inches. An 18 or 24 inch will suffice for all residential water heaters using universal kits. Almost all older waters heaters and many of the newer style units with a sealed burner compartment and a viewing window will use this thermocouple.

How much is a pilot for a water heater?

Water Heater Pilot Light Replacement Cost

Replacing the pilot light in a water heater should cost between $75 and $150. The pilot light might go out for various reasons on your gas water heater. It’s rare for a heater to require a full replacement of the pilot light assembly.

How much does a thermocouple for a water heater cost?

$100 to $325

Thermocouple replacement cost on a water heater

The cost to replace the thermocouple on a water heater is $100 to $325. The thermocouple detects whether the pilot light is lit and signals the gas control valve to turn on the gas flow. Thermocouple replacement is the most common repair needed for gas tank water heaters.

What is the average cost of a 50 gallon gas water heater?

around $1400-$2000

The average cost of a 50+ gallon hot water tank will range around $1400-$2000 including installation. Depending on factors such as brand, warranty, and hot water tank model and the company installing it.