Yes you would be able to use EP80/90.

What oil goes in a Belle mixer gearbox?

The grade of oil should be 10W 30 mineral oil.

What kind of oil do you use in a cement mixer?

SAE 10W-30

SAE 10W-30 is recommended for general use. Other viscosities shown in Table 1 may be used when the average temperature in your area is within the the indicated range. 1. To add motor oil to the the engine crankcase, place the mixer on secure level ground with the engine stopped.

How much oil does a Belle minimix 150 take?

1 Litre

Optilube EP80W/90 GT5 Gear Oil 1 Litre for Belle Minimix 150 Gearbox.

What engine is in a Belle mixer?

Petrol cement mixer powered by the industrial strength Honda GX120 4-stroke engine.

How do you grease a Belle mixer?

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Quote from Youtube video: To begin unscrew a plug all the way until the oil starts dripping. Out. To fully drain the mixer lower it down to the ground catching any drip of the track denieth.

What is 10W 30 oil?

The 10W30 designation on engine oil means that the viscosity of the oil is rated at 10W when an engine is cold, and 30 when the engine is hot. This is different than an oil labelled 5W30, which has a thinner viscosity when the engine is cold at 5W.

Why is my cement mixer leaking oil?

When a machine leaks oil, you know it’s bad news. It’s no different when it comes to industrial mixers. Our Service Team says when mixers are sent to us because they’re leaking oil, it’s usually because the seal is worn.

Where is gear oil used?

Gear oil is a lubricant designed for use in transmissions, manual gearboxes, differentials, transaxles and transfer cases in your car or truck. Gear oil helps your transmission run smoothly. More importantly, it helps protect critical internal components in your car’s gear systems from wear and heat damage.

Why is my cement mixer not working?

Blown Capacitor

If the mixer won’t start and you can’t hear a buzz when you press the start button, it could be either the switch or the capacitor. A simple way to identify what is causing the problem is to try spinning the drum in the direction it should turn whilst pressing the start button.

How do you fix a Belle mixer?

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Quote from Youtube video: Simple case of removing the side cover replacing the belt. Other than that you may also find that it runs for a while and then stops.

How do you change a Belle mixer motor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Next remove the spring washer from the shaft with a flathead screwdriver. Then remove the existing pulley from the shaft the easiest option is to break the pulley off.