Yes, but a few points need to be observed to make sure it complies with BS7671 IET 17th Edition. Firstly, the terminals must be installed in a Wagobox (when breaking into existing ring wiring).

Can you extend ring main with Wago?

if you are taking one socket and no more then you can take it from the ring main using just one 2.5mm cable to the new socket but you can not extend from that new socket any more it would be better to break into the ring and take two cables to the new socket then it wouldn’t be called a spur.

Are Wago connectors code approved?

This is another reason why Wago connectors are a great choice. They meet all of the NEC code requirements regarding splicing and terminating conductors.

How do I extend my ring main?

Quote from Youtube video: Remove ring main from socket connect one half of the ring main into the wagos with the part you want to extend connect remaining cables to socket to complete the ring. Dress back neatly and refit.

Can you use Wago connectors in a socket?

You can just put the Wagos in the box behind the socket. Nothing else needed. if you have 3 wires going to each terminal, you’ll need to use 4-way wagos. Connect the three existing wires to each Wago and run just one short length of additional wire to the socket terminal itself.

Which is better Wago or wire nuts?

wires nuts was the ability to have visual confirmation of connections. Wago lever nuts have a clear housing that allows you to see the wire inside it. This gives you the ability to actually see the wire touching the inside connector.

How many wires can you put in a Wago?

Junction Box for 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connectors

WAGO’s junction box helps you connect up to 60 conductors with WAGO’s 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connector for all conductor types with cross-sections up to 4 mm2(12 AWG).

Are Wago 221 OK for Ring Main?

The compatible terminals, 773-10x(solid) and 222 (lever), are also derated to 20Amps (I prefer 221 as they’re normally rated to 32Amps). Therefore, for a regular 32Amp ring main, you will need to use two Wagoboxes – one at the start and one at the end of the extension.

Can you use Wago connectors in a consumer unit?

Comlec Screwfix Select. IF you are extending cables within the CU then crimps, wagos, spliceline or terminal strip can be used. If out side the the consumer unit then you need to use an enclosure to make the connections.

Where can I use Wago connectors?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: The perfect enclosure for these way go to – – connectors is the way your box junction box and this has been designed specifically to take these connectors.

What is the difference between Wago 221 and 222 connectors?

The new Wago 221 series wiring connectors are 40% smaller than the 222 series, helping to further reduce space inside junction boxes. The compact, tool-less design is a great way of connecting cables. They are suitable for use with stranded and solid cables and are ideal for use in domestic or industrial wiring.

Can Wago connectors be used with aluminum wire?

With WAGO Alu-Plus Contact Paste, they can connect aluminum and copper conductors using WAGO’s connectors – quickly, easily and reliably.

Are Wago connectors any good?

They are sure to speed up your installation work with their simple operation, and create a secure system that is less intrusive than older methods. Our electrical trainer claims that “Wago connectors are probably one of the best advances in electrical installation” that he has come across.

Do Wago connectors need to be in an enclosure?


The installer connectors need to be within a suitable enclosure. According to BS 7671, “every connection and termination must be enclosed irrespective of the nominal voltage”.

Are Wago 221 Safe?

Wago connectors offer a fast and effective way to make safe and secure connections for indoor use or within a junction box. They are not waterproof so cannot be used outdoors or in damp conditions, unless you use a Wago Gelbox, which will then offer IPX8 levels of moisture protection for the Wago 221 connectors.

Are Wago wire connectors CSA approved?

Wago, Weidmuller and other make the ferrules, they are CSA and UL approved.

Are Wago legal in Canada?

Yep, that’s perfectly fine.