How do you secure a bathtub drain?

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Quote from Youtube video: In this area right here i'll use plumber's putty a non-staining plumber's putty or you can also use silicone there as well.

How do you seal the bottom of a bathtub drain?

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Quote from Youtube video: The most ideal solution to seal this area is using plumber's putty. Using plumber's putty works best for it creates a waterproof seal when used on wet surfaces.

Is there a trap under the tub drain?

Yes, you should always install a P-Trap as part of the plumbing of a bathtub or any other wastewater drain system. Failure to include a P-Trap could result in foul smells, harmful gases, and small animals entering through your tub’s drain.

Does it matter where the drain is in the tub?

Why does this matter? Because the location of the drain correlates to the plumbing and drain assembly located beneath it. This means that you wouldn’t be able to select a new tub that has a different drain location than the one you are replacing.

How tight should a tub drain be?

Then use your wrench to tighten, by one quarter of a turn. Do this carefully, so as not to squeeze the gasket underneath the tub out of place. The connection needs to be tight to prevent leaks, but tightening it too much risks cracking the tub or breaking the seal.

How do you attach a stud to a bathtub?

Install the trip lever from inside the tub. Fasten the overflow plate to the tub with two screws. Carefully set tub into place against the wall studs. Predrill 3/16-inch-diameter screw holes through the tub’s flange, then fasten the tub to the wall studs with 1ΒΌ-inch-long decking screws.

Why is there a hole under my bathtub?

Why is this hole there? It’s to accomodate the bathtub drain, which connects to the tub in two places and runs horizontally right at about the level of the subfloor. Plumbers often use a chain saw or reciprocating saw to cut the hole and make it big enough so it’s easy to install the drain.

Why is my bathtub leaking underneath?

Leaking drains are a likely cause of water that seeps from underneath your bathtub. This could be a leak coming from under the drain, which would require the help of a plumber to set right. However, a leaking tub drain could also be caused by a failing seal in the vicinity of the drain assembly.

Do you need plumbers putty to install a tub drain?

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Quote from Youtube video: So let's jump into it i'll walk you through this example of installing this new drain tail pipe. Pretty easy overall but it's a perfect example of how to use plumber's putty.

Can a tub drain be moved?

Moving your bathtub naturally requires that you redo the plumbing for the drain. Ideally, the drain lines beneath the bathroom will be accessible. This makes it much easier to perform the steps for how to move a bathtub drain. Otherwise, you’ll need to open up a floor or ceiling to work on the plumbing.

Can poop go down the tub drain?

While your toilet is made to handle poop disposal, your bathtub drain is not. If solid or clumpy matter accidentally goes down the drain, it may cause a blockage. If this happens, hiring a plumber is the best solution.

Where should a tub drain be placed?

The position of the tub drain will vary, depending on the size and design of the tub, and you’ll need to cut an access hole in the floor at the drain end of the tub to allow for positioning and installing the drain line. This hole should be 9 inches wide and extend at least 12 inches from the wall.

Can you tighten a bathtub drain?

Start by inserting the ends of the slip joint pliers into different portions of the basket in the bath drain. Insert the screwdriver between the pliers’ two ends, then twist the pliers clockwise using the screwdriver. Continue turning until the bath drain is snug.

How do you tighten a loose tub drain?

A loose bath drain can cause leaks behind or under the tub.

  1. Insert the ends of a pair of slip-joint pliers into different portions of the basket within the bath drain.
  2. Insert a thick screwdriver between the two ends of the pliers.
  3. Turn the pliers clockwise using the screwdriver. Turn until the bath drain is tight.

What is a tub drain shoe?

The tub drain shoe is an elbow that channels water down the drain pipe, it is the first fitting attached to the bottom of the tub’s drain basket. In order to remove and replace the shoe you need to access beneath the bathtub.

What is the Assembly called for a bathtub drain?

The main portion of the bathtub drain assembly is a pipe that runs horizontally under the bathtub. This drainpipe is called the drain shoe, which connects to the main drain body you see in the bottom of the bathtub.

How do you install drain shoes?

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Quote from Youtube video: When you're installing your new tub shoe. Just make sure that it sits evenly you don't want it to be crooked you don't want to mess up the threadings.

What are the parts of a tub drain called?

The waste and overflow system of a bathtub consists of a bath drain stopper mechanism and a waste and overflow pipe assembly. There are three main types of bathtub drain stoppers: the pop-up/lift-up, the plunger/lift bucket gate and the trip lever/rocker arm pop-up.

How do old bathtub drains work?

They work by a connection between the drain stopper and a lever via a rod mechanism hidden behind the bathtub. When the lever is up, the stopper is held in place, keeping your tub filled with water. When the lever is moved down, the stopper lifts and the tub drains.

How do you replace a bathtub drain link?

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Quote from Youtube video: So to remove it we're first going to take our Phillips or flat screwdriver whichever screws needs to remove. Them.