What do Christmas lights symbolize?

Lights and Candles

May the beautiful lights of every holiday season remind us of Him who is the source of all light.” 1 Christmas lights can remind us that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. They can also remind us to be lights to others and to help others come unto Christ.

How do Christmas lights make you feel?

But the lights can also trigger dopamine, the ‘feel good’ chemical in the brain. “With these bright experiences with lights, we do have the physiological response from the nervous system that helps make us more alert, more aware, and can bring about these feelings of happiness,” said Dr. Pettijohn.

Can LED Christmas lights shock you?

Never. Electrical Safety First recommends the use of LED over traditional filament Christmas lighting because: They operate at extra-low voltage which significantly reduces the risk of electric shock. They use much less power, generating little heat and so reducing the risk of fire and burns.

Is it OK to leave Christmas lights on all night?

Safety experts warn about keeping outdoor lights on for long periods of time. They claim that heat generated from the lights, especially if long extension cords are in use, could be a fire risk.

What do Christmas lights represent pagan?

They celebrate Christmas with trees and lights and often wine and song. For the pagans, this light was represented by the birth of the sun. And Christians celebrate the birth of the son, who is also a symbol of light. Mistletoe represented peace and joy.

What is the spiritual meaning of Christmas?

Christmas is a celebration, a time for giving and not simply a day we exchange gifts. The spirit of Christmas is in the ‘togetherness’, it’s in the thought to which you put into thinking about others, it’s a selfless time, where we forgive, take stock of what’s important and become ‘better’ versions of ourselves.

Why are people obsessed with Christmas lights?

Usually these feelings are tied to pleasant memories from childhood, or creates connections with loved ones. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that your neighbors may interpret you putting up Christmas decorations as a sign that you’re sociable and approachable.

Do Christmas lights help with depression?

“The fact they they can elevate your mood is rather intriguing,” said Dr. Krystine Batcho, a professor of psychology at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York. But multiple psychologists agreed: It’s not the lights that can make a person happy.

Are Christmas lights a waste of energy?

Christmas lights use up a lot of electricity and to many people are a waste of electricity. There are ways of reducing the amount of electricity they use, including using solar-powered lights so they function off of completely renewable energy.

How long should Christmas lights be on at night?

You can take them down anytime after New Year’s Day, but before January 6th—that’s Three Kings Day and the last of the 12 days of Christmas. Even if your lights celebrate a different faith this holiday season, the Black-Friday-to-Three-Kings-Day window is still a great guideline.

Should you unplug Christmas lights at night?

Don’t Leave Lights on Overnight or While Gone From Home

Whether your tree is live or artificial, unplug the tree lights before leaving the house or going to bed. If you have these holiday decorations, watch out for these fire hazards.

Should you unplug Christmas lights when raining?

“Make sure where everything plugs in is dry and not exposed to the elements because the electricity still goes through the equipment and the light portion, what goes outside is what’s important.” He said Christmas lights are meant to be used outside, they will be fine in rainy conditions.

How many house fires are caused by Christmas lights?

Christmas lights cause 770 house fires every year, National Fire Protection Association reports.

Can you leave outdoor Christmas lights up all year?

The quick answer is: you can leave your outdoor lights on your trees year-round if you want to, although we suggest removing outdoor tree lights around the beginning of Spring. Whether you decide to keep them up for four months or 12, it is important to know how to safely keep your lights on your outdoor trees.

Should you cover outdoor Christmas light plugs?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: First thing you should have are these new domed exterior covers for your outlets. And what's nice is it completely protects the outlet. And your electrical connections from rain and snow.

Why do Christmas lights go out in rain?

Unfortunately, when it comes to Christmas lights and decorations and GFCIs, generally all it takes to trip a circuit is for a little moisture to get into the outlet, cord, or lights. If this happens and the power is on, the circuit will trip, causing the lights and décor to go out.

Should I leave outdoor lights on all night?

Should you leave outdoor lights on at night? No, leaving lights on can make intruders think that you’re not home. Use a motion sensor light that turns on when you, or anyone else, comes near so you have light only when you need it.

When should Christmas lights be taken down?

For many around the world, January 5 or 6 marks the Epiphany ‒ the final day of the 12 days of Christmas and the time for all holiday decorations to come down. For others, the second week of January is a typical time for the holiday lights to be unplugged and stored away until next year.

When should Christmas decorations come down 2021?

6th January

Epiphany is the official end of the festive season on 6th January each year. It’s an ancient Christian feast day celebrating the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, and the arrival of the Three Wise Men.

What date is the 12th night after Christmas Day?

Twelfth Night is a Christian festival marking the beginning of Epiphany. A count of exactly 12 days from 25 December takes us to 5 January. According to the Church of England, this day is Twelfth Night.