How do you demo thick concrete?

Start to break the concrete, starting six inches from the edge and working your way in. For slabs less than four inches thick, use a sledgehammer. For more than four inches thick, use a demolition hammer.

How do you remove a small area of concrete?


  1. Dig Under the Concrete. Dig out the soil, gravel, or other material from under the concrete, using a shovel and a pickax or mattock. …
  2. Strike the Concrete. Lightly sprinkle the concrete with water to minimize dust. …
  3. Pry Off Stubborn Pieces. …
  4. Move the Concrete Chunks With a Hand Truck.

What is the best tool to break up concrete?

When thinking about breaking up concrete, most of our minds jump straight to jackhammer. But you can probably do the work with a metal sledgehammer and a little elbow grease. Sledgehammer is the best tool to use if the slab of concrete is three inches thick or less.

How do you break concrete without a jackhammer?

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Quote from Youtube video: I used a shovel to move the majority of the dirt / harder shale and to reach further under the cement. I used a pick the more material you can take from under the cement the better.

Can you use a rotary hammer to break concrete?

Rotary hammers use an electro-pneumatic hammer piston to generate high impact energy, which allows it to drill or demolish concrete.

Can you chisel concrete?

A cold chisel is the right hand tool for breaking up small areas of concrete. Demolishing concrete is a heavy-duty task that calls for heavy-duty tools. Most concrete demolition projects call for the use of a jack hammer or hammer drill.

How much concrete can you grind down?

A grinder can take off up to 1/8 of an inch of material with each pass — less than a concrete scarifier, which cuts into surface coatings and the underlying concrete and can cut about 1/4 of an inch with each pass.

How do you remove concrete from concrete?

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Quote from Youtube video: Over time the concrete in the dissolver begins to soften and separate from the trowel. The tank with only water in it shows that there has been no effect on the concrete.

What size sledgehammer breaks concrete?

If you need a sledgehammer for small projects around the home, a three-pound hammer might be a good choice. However, if you’re knocking down a wall or breaking up concrete, you may need a 10-pound model.

Does vinegar dissolve concrete?

One isn’t going to hurt you but eating the bag overtime can impact the eater’s weight. Etching – Vinegar’s ability to dissolve CaCO3 will dull your marble, travertine, concrete and terrazzo surfaces. It may “clean” the surface but it is also dissolving pits into the finish and effectively dulling it.

How do you soften hard cement?

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Quote from Youtube video: Just that simple concrete and mortar dissolver from super Co specialty products the acid alternative for cleaning concrete. And mortar off of any type of service. Visit us on the web.

How do you break concrete in a straight line?

Use a standard circular saw, equipped with a corundum or diamond blade, for small tasks. For slabs, it’s best to cut through the top inch, then use a sledgehammer to break off the rest. The jagged edge left below the cutting line provides a good rough edge for the new concrete to bond to.

Can a Sawzall cut concrete?

A reciprocating Sawzall is good for cutting concrete if you have the right blade, but it works best on thinner slabs or cinder block. It’s all about the blade. Buy a blade as long as possible and with a diamond or carbide grit.

How do you cut concrete with an angle grinder?

Keep both hands on the grinder and wait for the blade to reach full speed and ensure that you are braced for the gradual change of the strength. Now apply some pressure to pass the blade through the concrete. Don’t force the blade into a cut. Make a series of gradually deeper cuts to avoid overheating the blade.

How do you cut concrete block without a saw?

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Quote from Youtube video: Place the chisel along the splitting notch and strike firmly flip. The block on its side and place the chisel along the splitting notch and strike.

Are block splitters any good?

This ability to cut paving without creating dust, combined with zero consumption of fossil fuels and no need to change worn-out blades on a regular basis, along with a long service life help make block splitters the best choice for the environment and also for the pocket.

Can you cut block with a circular saw?

Yes, using the best circular saw, all safety gears, and precisely following the measurements, you can easily cut the concrete block. Even if you do not fully cut it and leave the half-cut part, you can further cut the block using a wrench and a hammer.

How do you break concrete floor?

The easiest way to find out is to grab a spade and dig to the base of the slab. If the distance from bottom to top is around three inches or less, you can use a metal sledgehammer to break up concrete.

Can you lower a concrete floor?

To ensure the stability of concrete floors, you should pour them at least 3 inches deep. What this means to you is, if your existing concrete floor is only 3 inches deep, to lower it you must remove the entire floor, excavate, and pour the floor again.

What size demolition hammer do I need?

When evaluating demo hammers, it is important to keep weight class and removal rate in mind, Burdick said. “The industry most often references demolition hammers by their weight class and impact energy, which can range from 13 to 60 pounds and from 5.6 foot-pounds impact energy to 43 foot-pounds,” he said.