What is a Federal Pacific Stab-Lok circuit breaker?

Federal Pacific Stab-Lok Panels are a brand of electrical circuit breaker panels that were manufactured and installed from the 1950s through the 1980s. They were one of the most popular brands on the market at that time, and were installed in millions of homes and businesses.

Are all Federal Pacific breakers Stab-Lok?

All FPE breakers are variations of the “Stab-Lok” design and virtually all of them, even across decades of production, have shown the failure and reliability concerns discussed in this article series.

What breaker replaces Federal Pacific breakers?

Stab Lok circuit breakers

From Federal Pacific to Stab Lok.
Today, FPE circuit breakers have been replaced by Stab Lok circuit breakers which a constructed using a special design that results in a much lighter and smaller breaker.

Are Federal Pacific breakers still available?

The Consumer Products Safety Commission identified Federal Pacific Electrical panels as a latent safety hazard over 40 years ago. However, there are still over 25 million FPE panels in residential homes and commercial businesses in the United States.

Is there a replacement for Stab-Lok breakers?

Replacing Stab-Lok Breakers

If you have a Stab-Lok panel and one of the breakers is faulty, you can replace it either with a reconditioned FPE breaker or a third-party substitute. Reconditioned and third-party Stab-Lok breakers contain upgraded components that meet all contemporary safety requirements.

Should Stab-Lok panels be replaced?

According to many electrical experts and home inspectors, Federal Pacific breakers replacement on its own may not be a good idea. Instead, they recommend that the entire electrical panel should be replaced, saying that the replacement of FPE Stab-Lok breakers is unlikely to reduce the risk of trip failure.

Are all Federal Pacific electrical panels bad?

Using UL 289 test conditions, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that Federal Pacific Electric panels may be unfit for homes. The materials used to construct the breakers may be weak. As a result, the breakers may not trip, and the panel could be susceptible to catching on fire.

Will a Federal Pacific panel pass inspection?

If you’re wondering, “Will a Federal Pacific panel pass inspection?” the answer is no. Electrical fires are one of the top causes for residential fires, and cause an estimated 500 deaths and $1.3 billion in property damage each year. This isn’t a risk that most insurance companies want to take on.

Are Federal Pacific breaker boxes safe?

Investigations indicate that Federal Pacific Electrical (FPE) panels contain defective circuit breakers that create a substantial risk of fires. Some estimates indicate that these dangerous electrical panels cause around 2,800 fires and more than one dozen deaths each year.

When did Federal Pacific go out of business?


FPE Falsified Safety Tests, But Breakers Never Recalled
As with all electrical products, it went through a certification process to ensure it was safe, and it was approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). FPE went bankrupt (for unrelated reasons) and eventually ended up as part of Reliance Electric in 1979.

How much does it cost to replace a Federal Pacific panel?

$1,500 to $4,000

Federal Pacific & Zinsco Panel Replacement Costs
The cost to replace a Federal Pacific or Zinsco panel ranges from $1,500 to $4,000. Since these are older systems, this includes some upgrades to wiring. If you have one, you’ll want to call a pro as soon as possible to upgrade.

What is the problem with Federal Pacific electrical panels?

Based on information collected from fire reports, Aronstein and coauthor, Richard Lowry, estimate that FPE Stab-Lok panel failures result in as many as 2,800 fires, 13 deaths, and $40 million in property damage annually.

When were Federal Pacific panels recall?

Federal Pacific and Zinsco Electrical Panel Replacement Service. Federal Pacific and Zinsco are both manufacturers of electrical panels that were recalled in a class action law suit from 2002.

Are any Stab-Lok breakers safe?

Stab-Lok circuit breakers are dangerous because they do not function properly as circuit breakers. Testing by the Consumer Product Safety Commission has shown that these panels have an unacceptably high failure rate – and that 1 out of 3 breakers are defective.

What’s wrong with Challenger breakers?

Over the years it was discovered that two types of circuit breakers manufactured by Challenger were overheating under NORMAL conditions at the connection point to the bus bar. This causes expansion and contraction, which in turn causes arcing between the circuit breaker and the bus bar, thus damaging both.