What type of foam is used to lift concrete?


The form used to lift and level concrete is made of polyurethane. The way that it is mixed and the chemical make up allow it to expand in space is that it is injected into. It’s a very non-invasive process.

How do you use PolyLevel?

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Quote from Youtube video: The polymer consists of two separate liquids. That are combined right at the injection nozzle to trigger a chemical reaction that turns the blended ingredients into an expanding high-density foam.

How do you use polyurethane foam to lift concrete?

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Quote from Youtube video: High strength polyurethane foam is injected underneath the slab. As the foam expands the slab is lifted back into.

What weight can polyurethane foam lift?

Measuring the Strength of Polyurethane Lifting Foam

Average Person Car
Weight of Slab (lbs) 50 4,500
Total Load (lbs) 210 8,300
Weight Capacity (lbs) of Slabs Supported by 1-Inch Polyurethane Lifting Foam
Slab Dimensions (ft) 1′ x 1′ 6′ x 10′

How do you foam a concrete Jack?

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Quote from Youtube video: Solution which creates a slow rising foam that can expand and harden into the consistency of solid rock heat it up to high temperatures.