Why is my smart light switch not working?

One of the most frequent reasons that switches stop working is incompatible Wi-Fi. Many newer routers use a 5 GHz signal by default, which means some older 2.4 GHz switches will not connect after a router upgrade. In this case, you either have to switch off 5 GHz or replace older 2.4 GHz switches.

How do you reset a Gosund dimmer switch?

After your wiring, the green light indicator flashes. If you press it like a normal switch, then it won’t show a green light indicator again. So our suggestion is: Under Wifi conditions, you reset it by pressing the button for 5 seconds until the indicator rapidly flashes green which is the Easy mode.

How do I connect my Gosund light switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: To activate Wi-Fi pairing press and hold the switch for five seconds until the LED flashes. Green quickly.

Can you hook up a dimmer switch to a light that is controlled by two different switches?

No, you should not have to replace both of the existing switches on each circuit. You won’t be able to dim from both ends, of course. You just need a “3-Way LED Dimmer” and follow the appropriate wiring.

Why is there no power to a light switch?

If the light switch isn’t working at all, there may be no power to the circuit. Make sure the breaker to the switch is on in your breaker box and determine whether there are any other tripped outlets and switch them on as well. This is the simplest solution you’ll want to try first that may fix the issue.

Why is dimmer switch not working?

If your dimmer switch suddenly stops working, there could be issues with the electrical wiring. If it’s not installed correctly or the wires come loose, the switch might stop working. You might hear a buzzing or crackling sound if wiring is the issue. When you suspect a wiring issue, hire an electrician to inspect it.

How do I reset my dimmer Wi-Fi switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: Just press and hold the easy setup button for 10 seconds. The device's led will blink red the led light will turn off once the reset is complete to reset a gateway.

How do you reset a light switch?

Delete the Wall Switch from the iDevices app: For iOS: Tap on the Wall Switch, tap the product name in the upper left-hand corner, scroll down and tap “Delete.” For Android: Tap on the Wall Switch, tap the 3 dots, tap “Edit Product,” scroll down and tap “Delete Product.”

Why is my Gosund light flashing?

Slowly blinking indicator light is for AP mode, while fastly blinking indicator light is for Easy mode. When the bulbs are connected to Gosund app, you can find the Mac address on the app.

Does a dimmer switch need special wiring?

New dimmers have either a green grounding wire or a green ground screw that you’ll have to connect to a grounding source if one is available. Houses wired with plastic-sheathed cable almost always have bare copper ground wires that you’ll connect to the toggle dimmer switch.

Can I put a dimmer on any light switch?

A dimmer switch can be installed anywhere that an existing on or off switch is in place. Replacing the current toggle switch with a dimmer switch will allow you to change the lights’ brightness, so long as you are using a light bulb that is compatible with the dimmer you have chosen.

Can you swap a normal light switch for a dimmer?

While you can replace regular switch with dimmer, identify the number of switches controlling the light fixture. If multiple switches control the light, you may want to get a three-way dimmer and a three-way switch.

Why is my light fixture not working?

If a problem remains, be sure the switch is off, remove the bulb and substitute a new one. If the light does not work with a new bulb, check whether the circuit breaker or fuse governing the fixture has tripped or blown. This often happens when a bulb burns out the moment it is turned on.
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Why do my outlets work but not my lights?

If one or more lights in your home have gone out and your circuit breaker isn’t tripped, what could the issue be? One culprit could be a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet that has tripped. When experiencing electrical imbalances, GFCI outlets trip much quicker to protect people from electrocution.

How do I know if my light fixture has power?

Testing Light Fixtures for Power

To test for power with a non-contact voltage tester, touch the sensor tip of the tester to each of the circuit wires. If the tester lights up when touching any of the wires, the circuit still has power.

How do you test if a light socket is getting power?

Turn the power off to the socket. Test the socket by attaching the clip of the continuity tester to the hot screw terminal, the black wire lead. Then, touch the probe to the metal tab in the bottom of the socket. The tester should glow.

How do you test if a light fixture is working?

Hold either lead on the metal socket casing. Touch the bulb at the bottom of the socket with the other lead. Record the reading. If it’s somewhere close to 120 volts, the fixture is good.

How do you know if a wire has power?

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Quote from Youtube video: If you don't get a voltage reading the wire is neutral. If you get a reading the wire is hot you can also use color coding to identify. Hard neutral and ground wires. But I wouldn't trust it 100%.

How do I check electrical connections?

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Quote from Youtube video: Here some multimeters have the sound you either have some LED lights but is the same if you have a value here and you hear the sound that means we got continuity.

How can you test to see if there is a current running through a wire?

To use a neon voltage tester, simply touch one tester probe to a hot wire, screw terminal, or outlet slot. Touch the other probe to a neutral or ground contact. The small neon bulb in the tip of the tool will light up if there is current present. The tester can also verify whether an outlet is properly grounded.