What kind of foundation do you need for a sunroom?

Depending upon their size, the kind of materials they are fabricated from, and the methods used in their construction, sunrooms can be erected on three different foundation types: a preexisting deck, a poured concrete slab, and a crawl space.

How do I turn my porch into a sunroom?

In many cases, it seems easy to convert your screened porch into a sun room by replacing the screen sections with sliding glass door panels (option 2).

When converting a screened porch to a sunroom, your options are:

  1. Build an Addition. …
  2. Build a Sun Room or 3-Season Room. …
  3. Enclose Your Screened Porch With Roll-Up Curtains.

Can you put a sunroom on a concrete patio?

The answer is “yes”, but you MUST know a few things first. First of all, the biggest mistake most homeowners make is to assume that they can build on top of an existing concrete patio foundation without doing some investigating first. Most concrete patio’s are only about 4″ thick (the same as regular sidewalk).

What is the difference between a sunroom and a screened porch?

The difference is that a screened porch will let air pass through the room, giving you the feeling of being outdoors while keeping out the bugs. A sunroom is a roofed structure that is glass enclosed. A sunroom is more like your living room with a better view.

Can you turn a covered porch into a sunroom?

If you’re a homeowner that gives up their porch because of direct sunlight, extremely hot weather, or cold temperatures, then you’ve come to the right place. The solution is simple, convert your porch to a beautiful sunroom by building glass covers.

How much does it cost to convert a porch to a sunroom?

If you want to convert a patio into a sunroom, expect to pay around $10,000 to $35,000. This project is similar to a deck conversion, although some patios may already have an existing concrete slab 4 that can be used to minimize foundation costs.

Does enclosing a porch add value?

If there is an existing porch or covered patio space, consider enclosing it with either a screen room or sunroom, which can increase your home’s value and help protect guests from insects.

Are sunrooms worth it?

HomeAdvisor estimates a sunroom can recoup about half its cost in the return on investment, but that’s not the only factor to consider. In addition to potentially adding future value to your home, a sunroom is an upgrade that can vastly improve the quality of your life year-round.

Should you insulate a screened in porch roof?

If you have an enclosed porch, you should consider insulating the ceiling. When you have proper insulation, it will provide temperature regulation. In the winter, it will help keep your enclosed porch warm, while in the summer, it will keep the air conditioning in.

Can you build a room over a porch?

Extending the second level over a porch or garage eliminates some of the issues that arise when you construct a new addition from the ground up. New construction over a garage or porch can allow for more storage space, a small apartment, or a private getaway.

How much does it cost to turn a porch into a room?

Realistically speaking, including labor costs and depending on square footage, you can expect a range of anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 and upwards for the creation of a new construction room from the ground up.

How do you enclose a porch for living space?

There are different ways to enclose your patio into a room.

  1. Curtains. Using curtains is a lovely way for converting a patio into a habitable room. …
  2. Glass. Installing glass doors or windows around your porch is also an effective way to turn it into a habitable room. …
  3. Shades and Blinds.

How do you enclose under a porch?

Using an Open Style. Wire mesh is an inexpensive material to use to seal off below a deck. It will prevent animal access to the area below your deck, but it will not form a visual barrier to the area. One option is to seal off the area with wire mesh, then use landscape plants to hide the wire.

How can I enclose my porch cheap?

How to Enclose a Porch Cheaply: 7 Ways to Enclose

  1. Method 1: Use Outdoor Curtain Panels.
  2. Method 2: Installing Bamboo Shades.
  3. Method 3: Installing an Artificial Green Private Fence.
  4. Method 4: Installing Evergreen Plants.
  5. Method 5: Installing wooden screens.
  6. Method 6: Installing Prefabricated Canvas and Metal Frames.

How do you enclose a sunroom?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: Now next I want to begin to actually enclose this by applying plywood sheeting on the outside I tilt the sheathing up slide it into position then attach it with a clamp.

How do you turn a screened porch into a 3 season room?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: What makes this a real three season room or a screened-in porch of course the windows. Now these aren't just mesh but what do you do when you need to cover them or when it gets a little chillier.

How do you turn a screened porch into a four season room?

Convert an Existing Porch into Space that can be Used Year Round

  1. Remove Old Screen Panels.
  2. Install the Bottom Sill Plate.
  3. Frame the Walls.
  4. Install Exterior Sheeting.
  5. Apply Tyvek Housewrap.
  6. Seal the Window and Door Frames.
  7. Install Windows and Doors.
  8. Apply Exterior Trim.