How hard is it to add water line for fridge?

This type of fitting is easy to install and is less prone to leaking than a saddle valve. In most cases, the water line can be run from a kitchen faucet water supply line through the kitchen cabinets and over to the refrigerator.

Can you have an ice maker without a water line?

No, you do not have to install the water line. The ice maker itself doesn’t take up too much space in the freezer, so you could just turn it off and pretend it’s not there.

How much does it cost to run a water line for an ice maker?

The cost for a plumber to install a water line for an ice maker is usually under $200.

Does Home Depot install water line?

Faucet Replacement

We make purchasing and installing a new faucet easy with online or in-store shopping, home delivery and professional installation by one of our qualified local plumbers. Ask a Home Depot associate about adding installation to your purchase or shop online and select installation in some areas.

Is ice maker line same as water line?

The ice maker supply line is a small plastic, copper, or stainless steel water line that feeds directly into the ice maker. Water pipes are very susceptible to damage it is important that while installing or once it has been installed it is in a position where it is not being bent or shaped in an awkward position.

Does a fridge with an ice maker need a drain?

Most undercounter ice makers do require a drain line, but there are exceptions, like the EdgeStar IB120SS, that do not. These models act as a freezer and keep the ice frozen, thus no need for a drain line. Other ice makers are not able to keep the ice frozen, and as the ice melts, it needs to drain.

What size is an ice maker water line?


The tubing should have a diameter of 1/4-inch and can be copper line, braided steel line or plastic tubing. Many professionals prefer copper line, but plastic tubing is commonly sold as part of ice maker installation kits.

What is a water line kit?

Product Description. This water line connection and filter kit is an economical option to connect most water sources that use 1/4 inch standard tubing, including Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, refrigerators, icemakers, water coolers and dispensers, humidifiers and more.

How do you install an ice maker on a refrigerator?

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Quote from Youtube video: Open up the filter compartment twist the bypass cap counterclockwise to take it off take off the foil from the filter. Then twist open clockwise to get it to go in shut the compartment.

Which water line is best for ice maker?

Copper and plastic are two common materials for an ice maker water line, which is vital for refrigerators with water dispensers and ice makers. Both copper and plastic are suitable materials to get the job done; however, they both have their pros and cons.

Can I use plastic tubing for ice maker?

Answer: You’re right to be concerned, because plastic tubing to an ice maker is susceptible to cracking and splitting. The constant flow of hot air from the compressor fan in the essentially unventilated space behind the fridge blows over and around the tubing — and eventually makes it quite brittle.

How far can you run ice maker line?

There is no maximum length, you can run the line as long as needed to reach a main water line. You can also use 1/4″ O.D. (outside dimension) copper tubing with a flared end, approximately 8 ft coiled into 3 turns that are 10″ in diameter.

How do you run a water line from a sink to a refrigerator?

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Quote from Youtube video: Right on it to supply the actual. Water line that goes to the fridge. So we're going to insert this into the into the existing water line under the sink. We've got a little stub of copper.

Do you need a waterline for a fridge?

If your fridge does not have a water/ice dispenser or don’t plan to use it, you won’t need a water line. You can also find refrigerators that dispense water from a tank, and similarly, require no plumbing. However, if you want a standard, plumbed ice maker, then, yes, your refrigerator will need a water line.

How do I connect the main water line to my house?

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Quote from Youtube video: So i'm going to show you how to connect your main water line from your house to the water meter.

Can I run my own water line?

It’s not just a pipe dream, because you can still do it on your own! Running water lines in your house comes down to knowing what tools you’ll need, and how to use them to repair or install brand new pipes.

How do you install a new water supply pipe?

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Quote from Youtube video: And that's the start of the first. Process you can see you've got a bit ducted in down there as well just about i think you can see it.