How can I hide my air conditioner lines?

22 Ways You Can Hide Your Air Conditioner Unit Outside

  1. Build a Wooden Cover. Patrick Brogley. …
  2. Get Creative With an AC House. …
  3. Hide It Behind the Bushes. …
  4. Make a Box With a Door. …
  5. Stack Planter Boxes in Front of the Unit. …
  6. Place the Outdoor Unit Inside Aluminum Slats. …
  7. Grow Vines Around Outdoor AC Unit. …
  8. Create a Shed.

How far can outside AC unit be from inside unit?

Ultimately, the outdoor AC unit must be installed within 4-8 feet away from any mechanical obstruction like the ones mentioned above.

How far can you run air conditioning lines?

Generally speaking, linesets (the refrigerant lines) should be under 50 feet for best performance. If longer lines are used, then additional refrigeration specialty items may be needed such as suction line accumulators, TXVs, crankcase heaters, and low ambient kits.

How do you install lattice on an air conditioner?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: Place the remaining lattice over the screen and adjust it to overlap how you want mark the lattice and cut it to size using the circular saw. Then place it back into the frame. And staple.

Can you bury air conditioning lines?

Lennox statement on underground refrigerant piping:

Refrigeration lines must not be buried in the ground unless they are insulated and waterproofed. Uninsulated copper lines buried in wet soil or under concrete can cause serious capacity loss and erratic operation as well as early failure due to corrosion.

Can you enclose an air conditioner unit?

Allow Sufficient Airflow

The most popular way we’ve seen homeowners hide their air conditioner condenser is to enclose the unit behind a fence, screen or latticework. To prevent overheating and a breakdown, ensure that you always allow sufficient airflow around your unit.

How much is a sheet of lattice?

A: About $28.00 per 4×8 lattice.