How do you remove a broken tub drain assembly?

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Quote from Youtube video: You know regular pliers. And a small hammer like this one take it put it inside of the drain. And then use the um pliers to put between the hammer. And the inside of the drain to create resistance.

Is it possible to replace a bathtub drain?

Bathtub drain removal and replacement can be an easy task, regardless of the type of bathtub you own. Once you know the appropriate steps for how to remove a tub drain, you can even replace the bathtub drain with a different style of drain that better suits your needs.

How do I remove a bathtub drain flange?

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Quote from Youtube video: Because you might snap off one of these pieces. You know put it across like that like so things you want to diagonal. And then you take your adjustable pliers place it on one side just like so.

What are the parts of a bathtub drain?

The waste and overflow system of a bathtub consists of a bath drain stopper mechanism and a waste and overflow pipe assembly. There are three main types of bathtub drain stoppers: the pop-up/lift-up, the plunger/lift bucket gate and the trip lever/rocker arm pop-up.

How do I access my tub drain?

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Quote from Youtube video: Sometimes you need to cut access holes either the ceiling below or in the wall. Next to where the drain is what we're looking at here right here this section right here is what would connect to the

What is a tub drain assembly?

A bathtub drain assembly is a series of plumbing parts that transport the waste water from a bathtub, feeding the water into a large drainpipe. The bathtub drain assembly is made up of its own series of pipes that are interconnected, and also connect to the large drainpipe.

How do you install a bathtub drain kit?

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Quote from Youtube video: If it doesn't pop up high enough you can adjust it and then they just have a setting nut they keep that in place but this really just slides in there it's kind of nice I really like the cable drains.

Are tub drains standard?

The width of the drain has to match the width of the hole of the bathtub, it also has to fit into the section of pipe beneath the tub that connects the bathtub with the rest of the household plumbing. The industry standard size is 1.5 inches wide on all regular bathtubs.

Are there different size tub drains?

Shower or tub drains have different drain connection sizes to accommodate the pipe sizes of your plumbing drain system.