What do you use to fill holes in concrete slab?

Holes 1 inch or deeper require a concrete mix with coarse, crushed-stone aggregate, which bonds well with existing concrete. Shallower holes need a sand mix.

How do you cover a drain on a concrete floor?

What Options Are There for Covering a Floor Drain? There are two main options for covering a basement floor drain: cement or a lid or cap. While a permanent option may be the way to go when finishing a basement, a temporary cap or lid is ideal in other situations.

How do you repair a slab drain?

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Quote from Youtube video: Down the cut ahead at the end of the drain snake will scrape the inside of the pipe. And remove the last of those tree roots to leave a nice clean pipe.

How do you seal a floor drain?

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Quote from Youtube video: Stop floor drain odor anytime anywhere every time with a sureseal waterless trap seal protection device with an easy one-step installation.

How do I fill a hole in a concrete patio?

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Quote from Youtube video: So it's pretty simple straightforward sand mixture liquid mixture says the burst seal roll.

What is best to patch concrete?

Best Concrete Patch for Concrete or Masonry Wall—Drylok Fast Plug. To repair material on concrete walls or even masonry walls, it is best to have a product that can cure quickly to avoid patch dripping down the wall.

How do you cement around a drain?

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Quote from Youtube video: Let's follow we'll go to 50 mil thick is required. It is a roughly set selected. So within 30 minutes it'll be dry we've gone off there very fast if I was putting a new collar in the drain. I could

How do you lay flooring around a floor drain?

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Quote from Youtube video: Just around the floors right over here I put a lot of construction adhesive. So if I have a cup the water will go up to the planks not under them it will be easier to clean up.

What is the drain hole in my basement floor?

Your basement floor drain is located at the lowest point of your basement, and its job is to direct any water safely away from the house and to the sewer system or municipal storm drain system. This keeps your basement floor dry and prevents flooding, which may damage personal belongings.

Can I use mortar to fill a hole?

Mortar is a necessary filling component to adhere some home-building components together, such as bricks; but it can also be used to patch holes and cracks in basements and foundations, hold a patio together or secure fence posts and mailboxes.

How do you screed a concrete drain?

How to Slope a Floor for a Drain

  1. Measure the height of the drain with the tape measure. …
  2. Mix up some concrete mix in the mixer. …
  3. Create a screed along one wall. …
  4. Tap the level into the top of the screed with your rubber mallet. …
  5. Remove the level, revealing the indentation.

Can I pour concrete over drain pipe?

Pouring concrete around PVC pipes can be useful in a variety of household and industrial applications, such as building garden ponds or installing outdoor plumbing. The job can be simple and cost-effective when the correct preparations and techniques are applied.

How do you install a drain over concrete?

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Quote from Youtube video: That I have that's two inches used as a spacer. And then just kind of block it up as I go and then backfill with cement and that two inches will do a couple things for me the two inches buffer.

How do you pour concrete around a channel drain?

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Quote from Youtube video: I have concrete locking the two sides together from underneath it. So if it moves. It won't crush that channel drain because that's what will happen if you try to set channel drain on dirt.

How do you connect a drainage channel to drain?

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Quote from Youtube video: So then the water comes through there drops into there into that pipe and drains off down there. So we'll just get a measurement there. All right we'll get down the middle there.

How do you keep water from pooling on concrete?

Where the water tends to collect, cut out a sloping channel in the concrete to direct the water away, filling it with decorative stone or gravel. Instead of gravel, you can also have a trench or channel drain made of metal installed.

How do you cut a drainage channel on a concrete patio?

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Quote from Youtube video: So what we're gonna do is um my idea is to just cut a channel through here and then put a channel drain all the way across. And let the water come out the end.

How do you fix a low spot on a concrete patio?

If you need to level low spots on your floor, use a concrete patching compound. The patching compound also works well to repair any cracks that formed when the concrete settled. You don’t need many tools for this project, but you do need to wear protective gear for your eyes and hands.

How do you install a drainage channel on a patio?

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Quote from Youtube video: Step 1 dig the trench deep enough for the overall height of the channel including the grade. It needs to be wide enough to allow for a minimum of two inches of backfill on each side of the. Channel.