How Thick Does a French Cut Need To Be? As for the thickness of the plywood to use, choose at least ½ inch, although a ¾ inch plywood will serve you better. This will give you a strong and secure hold that can handle great weights subject to the number of studs you attach the cleat to and the style lag screws you use.

How wide should a French cleat be?

French cleats are surprisingly strong, and the storage possibilities are only limited by your imagination. To build a basic tool-hanging system, start with 3/4-inch plywood cut into a strip that’s 5 inches wide by at least 30 inches long.

How thick is a French cleat?

Since the cleat is usually ¾” of an inch thick, it needs to be inset into the object by that amount, leaving the surface flush with the back of the mantle. Otherwise, the mantle will sit ¾” away from the wall or fireplace brick, looking like it is ready to fall off.

Can you make French cleats with 2×4?

With plywood coming in at $50 per sheet, use 2×4, or maybe even 1x3s to make an easy and cheap French Cleat system.

Can you use 1/2 plywood French cleats?

When making French cleats for hanging cabinetry (or other wall-hanging things), plywood (1/2″ or 3/4″) seems to be an ideal choice as it’s strong, stable and, generally pretty straight.

How much weight can French cleat take?

A French cleat is strong enough to hold heavy items like artwork, cabinets, mirrors, and even tools securely on the wall, supporting over 75 lbs (34.02 kg). You can use this 30-45 degree molding as a pair or cleat that mounts to the wall alongside a matching edge cut into the item you are hanging.

What is the best angle for a French cleat?


2. Cut the Angles. The angle of the beveled top edge of a French cleat is 45-degrees, and if you have a miter saw or table saw, cutting the cleats will be a snap.

How much space do you need between French cleats?

16 in

Space the cleats with a 2×4 block and secure them with a pair of 1-1/4-in. trim-head screws spaced every 16 in.

How do you hang cabinets with French cleats?

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Quote from Youtube video: Fastening. And then what we'll do is we'll put a bead of glue along here and then drive the screws. In. Now go that's the first part of the French cleat fit it to the cupboard.

Why is it called a French cleat?

Although it is difficult to say for sure, many think the name French Cleat originated from the origin of France when in the 1800s French shipbuilders began building wooden ships. Once the main ship was built, details were added.

Can I use 1×4 for French cleat?

DIY French Cleat Storage System: Cut Wood

Create a french cleat by cutting each 1×4 board in half at a 45-degree angle to your desired length.

Does a French cleat need a stud?

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Quote from Youtube video: When you're putting up your French cleats it's a good idea to make sure you have something more than just the studs. If you only have a stud wall it can actually be very very weak.

Can you put French cleat on drywall?

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Quote from Youtube video: Position your cleat with your lines then mark off your screw holes drill pilot holes to make it easier to install your screws now you can line your cleat up and install the screws.

How do you hang a heavy mirror with French cleats?

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Quote from Youtube video: We placed the cleat on the wall with the 45 facing away from the wall. Then we used a long bubble level to make sure that we had the cleat. Level for pilot holes were drilled into the studs.

How do you lock a French cleat?

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Quote from Youtube video: We're just going to take an L bracket we want it to be flush to the face and about flush to the bottom of this wall cleat and we're going to tap a hole and screw it in place.

How long are French cleats?

Light Duty French Cleat Hanger Systems

Sold in pairs and ranging in length from 2 inches to 8 feet, these light duty French cleat system hangers are easy to install, using screws. After installing in the desired location, you can simply slide one cleat into the other for hidden mounting system.

How do you cut a French cleat without a table saw?

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Quote from Youtube video: Now to do the first cut set your circular saw at a 45 degree angle. And then set up a nice straight edge. Like I have here with this old level clamp everything down and we're gonna make our first.

How wide should shelf cleats be?

Cut down shelves that tie into the partitions to 15-1/2 inches wide. The ends of the supporting cleats for these 15-1/2-inch shelves should be 15-1/4 inches from the wall. Shelves in areas where clothes will not be hanging can be supported with 1-by-2 cleats.

Is French cleat flush mount?

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Quote from Youtube video: Across multiple wall studs French cleat uses if you think about our French cleat it's a strong simple and inexpensive way to hang something that's heavy or create a hidden removable mount.

How do you attach French cleats to the wall?

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Quote from Youtube video: You happen to hit a stud switch to the 1/8 inch bit and don't worry about using the anchors of that marking line up the holes on the cleat with the anchors. And use the screws to secure to the wall.