How do you get a stuck nut off a toilet fill valve?

One of the best ways to remove a difficult lock nut is by using plumber’s grease. Simply apply the plumber’s grease to lubricate the plastic nut, then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Once that has sat for a while, attempt to remove it using your hands or a pair of pliers.

How do you loosen a flush valve lock nut?

Quote from Youtube video: And make them flush with the lock nut slice straight down the middle up toward the tank until you hit the tank get a thin blade screwdriver split the nut in half you're going to be good to go.

How do you remove a stuck water supply coupling nut?

Locate the coupling nut on the underside of the toilet tank. Empty the bucket and place it underneath the water supply line. Use a pair of pliers to just loosen the coupling nut. Then finish loosening the nut with your fingers.

How do you remove a toilet shut off valve?

Fixing a Stuck Water Shut Off Valve

We recommend putting a cloth over the handle and using your hand to slowly rock the stuck valve back and forth to loosen it. Keep doing this until the valve can be completely opened and closed. If the valve won’t turn after trying this, grab a pair of Channellock pliers.

How do you unscrew a nut under a toilet bowl?

You Caught a Break

If the nuts don’t have wings, lock a pair of locking pliers around each one in turn. When you unscrew the screw, the pliers will hit against the toilet bowl and prevent the nut from turning, and it will loosen.

How do you loosen tight plastic nuts?

Whether you use a basin wrench or a hammer and screwdriver, the nut is easier to loosen if you heat it with a hairdryer. The heat should soften the plastic and make the nut pliable enough to break free. It also helps to spray some calcium dissolver on the nut and wait several minutes before tapping or twisting.

How do you loosen a tight water valve?

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Quote from Youtube video: This can cause the valve to freeze up and become stuck the first thing to try is to hold the valve body. And put a cloth over the handle to protect your hand.

Can you use wd40 on water shut off valve?

Stuck valve: If you simply can’t turn the valve, which happens often with fixture shut-offs and old-fashioned main shut-offs, you may need to spray the valve with WD-40 and give it time to lubricate before trying again.

How do you loosen a tight tap valve?

Try tapping the body of the valve with the handle of a wench or adjustable spanner while you turn the valve will do the job. Warm up the body of the valve with a hair dryer, or (carefully) with a blowtorch might expand the body of the valve enough to allow the gate (or other moving parts) to move more freely.

Can you use WD40 on bathroom taps?

If you have hard water, descale the tap and spray on a little WD40. Turn the water off by closing the hot and cold valves under the sink. If you can’t find the valves, shut off the main water supply instead.

How do you loosen a tight tap spindle?

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Quote from Youtube video: So use a little screwdriver just push it in behind the o-ring. Just pry that off.

How do you lubricate a tap spindle?

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Quote from Youtube video: Now you can see all the parts that we are going to service from left to right and we're going to grease these parts with tap lubricant or tap grease. So that they operate smoothly.

Can you use Vaseline in a tap?

To do so, grease the threads on the base of your tap before you reassemble it. This can be done with either Vaseline or specialist silicone gel from all building/plumbing merchants. The valve seating is one of the main reasons that may be why your tap is leaking.

Can you use Vaseline to lubricate O-rings?

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Quote from Youtube video: Well Mike no you do not want to use Vaseline on your rings. The petroleum jelly just eats away at the rubber. And it caused them to deteriorate quicker and fail.