How do you remove an old brick chimney?

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Quote from Youtube video: After a while you will have reduced the chimney to flashing height. And it's now time to slow down a bit and be a little bit more cautious.

How do you remove a chimney from a wood stove?

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Quote from Youtube video: And that was way easier. So i used the metal snippers to cut the ones as i went up the rest of the metal chimney. So i'm cutting the strap there and then i went up and cut the one above it.

How do you remove a brick from a wood stove?

Pull any cracked or broken fire bricks from the wood stove. Pry the bricks out with your fingers or gently pry them up with a flat-blade screwdriver. Grasp the broken or cracked bricks, and pull them from the wood stove.

Can you take down a brick fireplace?

Removing a brick fireplace can be a long and difficult job, but you can do it with a bit of experience and the right tools. First, start by protecting and sealing your work area so dust and debris don’t get all over your home.

How difficult is it to remove a chimney?

You should keep in mind at all times that chimney removal is a lengthy, difficult process which can potentially lead to serious structural concerns. It is best to have several people working on the project at once, and having experts on-hand may significantly reduce the risk of complications.

Is a chimney load-bearing?

The chimney stack is the portion that runs above a roofline. This portion of a fireplace is not load-bearing since it sits above the structure.

How do you remove a fireplace chimney?

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Quote from Youtube video: Right if we start removing the bricks one at a time from the top it'll be slow. But it'll be safe and organized. But imagine we started from the bottom. And maybe quicker.

How do you remove an old wood burning stove?

Take the wood stove and metal pipe to a metal recycling firm. If you are unable to haul the stove away yourself, contact one of the many people who advertise on the Internet free-listing services who will come and pick it up for you without charge. They earn their money from the scrap metal value of the appliance.

How do you remove an old wood burning fireplace?

Safety gloves and boots.

  1. Step 1: Remove the Trim. Using a hammer, mallet, or pry bar, you will want to remove the trim and any nails around the fireplace that is holding the insert in place. …
  2. Step 2: Disassemble pipes and Vents. …
  3. Step 3: Pry the Insert. …
  4. Step 4: Set it off to the Side.

What is under a brick fireplace?

Ash pit—a cellar under the fireplace grate where ashes collect. It’s accessed through a cleanout door in the basement or on the outside of the chimney. Ash pit cover—a grate in the floor of the firebox that allows ashes, but not wood, to fall into the ash pit below.

Is it a good idea to remove a chimney?

But there are reasons to have your chimney removed. Chimneys require maintenance like anything else, and if they don’t get enough of it, they can start to cause problems with things like insulation, leakage, and even structural concerns—nobody wants a chimney stack to fall on their head.

Do I need planning permission to remove a chimney?

In order to remove your chimney stack without permission you are going to need to make sure that your building is not a listed building. It also needs to not be in a conservation area. You also need to ensure that you use materials which match the materials that have already been used on the property when it was built.

Do you need a structural engineer to remove a chimney breast?

NB You are always likely to require the services of a Structural Engineer if you intend on removing the chimney and breast. If you don’t get an expert involved, you risk serious structural degradation to your property which might result in the building collapsing which carries the risk of death.

Is removal of a chimney permitted development?

The removal of an external chimney will usually be classed as Permitted Development (PD) and automatically have planning permission. PD rights only apply to dwelling houses and not to flats. PD rights can be removed or restricted for properties in a conservation area or national park, so check before undertaking work.

Is a chimney breast load bearing?

When you take out a chimney breast, you are also removing an important load-bearing wall. Because of this, you will need to ensure the structural integrity of your building isn’t put at risk – which means you need expert guidance and approval from your council to be certain the job is done safely.

Can you remove half a chimney stack?

you can not remove half of a shared chimney stack because the brick work is all tied in together and removeal of your half of the stack will cause it to become unstable.

Do you need planning permission for a wood burning stove chimney?

To get a wood burning stove installed in your home, the government states that you do not need to acquire planning permission from Building Control if these conditions are adhered to: The flue is situated at the rear or side of the building with a maximum clearance of 1m above the highest part of the roof.

Will I still be able to use my log burner after 2022?

Can I still use my wood burning stove from 2022? The answer is yes!

What are the new rules on wood burning stoves?

New laws banning the sale of certain types of fuel come in force aimed at cutting the amount of a kind of damaging air pollution. Anyone using a wood burning stove or open fire in the home from today must only use cleaner alternatives to wet wood and coal, a new law says.