Can I use OSB for interior garage walls?

Both OSB and Sheetrock can be used to cover the walls in a garage. Fire-Rated OSB and sheetrock each meet the fire code requirements for attached and unattached garage spaces.

How do you install OSB on garage walls?

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Quote from Youtube video: So you gotta scribe lines we're doing long straight cuts by hand with the seesaw. And then we're drilling corners. And using the jigsaw to cut out the little boxes for the outlets and switches.

Can you screw drywall to OSB?

If you have a layer of 3/4 OSB firmly attached to the studs/joists then the drywall can go up anyway you want. It is best practice to to screw the drywall layer to the joists with longer screws but you don’t have to land all the edges.

What kind of drywall do you use for a detached garage?

In the case of a detached garage you could use USG Sheetrock UltraLight 1/2 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Gypsum Board, which is ICC-certified for sag resistance and eliminates the need for separate wall and ceiling panels.

How do you fix OSB on wall?

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Quote from Youtube video: Consider increasing the panel gap at ends and edges to 1/4 inch. Be sure to maintain the required 1/2 inch bearing at panel edges. For 3/8 category panels use a minimum of 6 penny.

Can you use drywall mud on OSB?

You can apply drywall mud to any rough-grain wood surface. Plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) are good choices, but the mud will also stick to painted wood, as long as the paint is flat and not glossy. Drywall mud is not intended for outdoor use, so don’t skim-coat a garden shed.

Do you need special drywall for garage?

Standard drywall panels contain compressed particles of gypsum covered with thick paper. That’s fine in your home, but unless you’re finishing your garage as a living space, complete with insulation and a heat and air system, moisture-resistant drywall is preferable.

What is code for drywall in a garage?

The takeaway from IRC Code for Drywall in a Garage is that for an attached garage, play safe and use 5⁄8 -inch Type X gypsum board. For a detached garage, use drywall or an alternative to drywall, as a detached garage is not covered by any code for drywall in a garage.

Is drywall OK in unheated garage?

Yes you can install drywall in an unheated garage too! Drywall is cost effective and easy to install. For an attached garage you must use drywall for the garage wall adjoining the house, as per the building code. Drywall is a great sheathing material for garage walls.

How do you fix OSB?

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Quote from Youtube video: The first thing they recommend is you leave you know in imperial and 18-inch roughly three millimeters on all of the joints.

How do you fill holes in OSB?

Cut a piece of OSB to fit the hole, and screw it into the studs. Alternatively, if you don’t want to see a patch, you can just take off the whole piece of damaged OSB and replace it with a new one.

Do you nail or screw OSB board?

A hammer and 8d nails are standard for installing OSB, but you can speed up the installation by using a nail gun. The caveat when using a nail gun is to set the depth of the nail so the head just dimples the surface of the OSB.

What screws should I use for OSB?

Sealtite Kwikseal #12 type 17 Woodbinder screws are designed to be used as a “rescue screw” for oriented strand board (OSB). This fastener will replace nails or smaller diameter fasteners that have loosened & backed out of OSB metal roofing over time.

Can I screw into OSB board?

You only need a #8 wood screw that is 1 1/2 inches long for 5/8 inch OSB or at most 2 inches long for 3/4 inch plywood. Also, deck screws have a coating that helps protect the screw from exterior exposure, which is not needed indoors. Deck screws will also cost more than the screws needed for your subflooring.

How do you attach OSB board?

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Quote from Youtube video: Place the shooting material in a saddle of the hangers. Slide the sheathing into position and let the hangers take the weight of the material off of you for a more accurate and uniform install.

Can you glue OSB board?

For gluing OSB boards together, you’ll need to first prep both your boards by sanding them and wetting both sides with a wet towel. Next, you’ll need a strong solvent-based adhesive like Gorilla Glue to ensure that both the boards stick firmly together.

Are both sides of OSB the same?

The Intent of Surface Roughness

The reason OSB has one rough side is simply for safety. The rough side provides safety for the workers at the jobsite. Contractors working on a sloped roof will rely on the roughness of the board for traction when working.