Treated lumber, which is notorious for warping and bowing, is treated by dunking the lumber into a vat of liquid and then applying pressure to force the liquid into the wood. That means the wood is very wet and generally arrives at the lumberyard wet. Wet wood warps very easily.

Why is my pressure treated wood warping?

When wood gets wet, it swells. When wood dries out after being sawn from the tree, after being pressure-treated and after rain showers, it shrinks. Uneven drying creates stresses in wood, which results in warping (e.g., bowing, cupping or twisting) or cracking.

How do you keep pressure treated posts from warping?

Properly drying or curing wood to prevent warping

  1. Don’t allow partially dry lumber to quickly regain moisture.
  2. Don’t dry lumber too slowly (doing so could worsen any bowing and other warping)
  3. Don’t over dry lumber, which can lead to cracking, splits and end grain checking.

Can you straighten warped pressure treated wood?

To straighten warped wood, I soak in water. Or if you can’t submerse them put a wet cloth on the inside of the warp curve, and soak until straight. Once straight, switch the water formula for an Elmer’s white glue or the wood glue with water.

How do I keep my deck boards from warping?

Generally, six screws placed the length of your board will keep the board flat and secure. Use two screws at either end of the board and two more towards the outside of the board at every joist. This will keep the boards in place, giving them no room to move or warp.

How long does it take pressure treated wood to dry out?

The fastest way to dry treated wood is by having it kiln dried by the manufacturer. This takes one to eight weeks. You can also lay the treated wood flat and stack them in a crisscross pattern to air-dry for 2-3 days.

How do I stop my 4×4 posts from warping?

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Quote from Youtube video: So he said the best way to prevent that is to make your own basically posts by using two treated two by fours and a sandwich in between a half inch of plywood.

How do you dry treated wood without warping?

To air-dry your pressure-treated wood, stack them on top of each other and leave them out to dry. As all parts of the wood need to dry evenly to avoid warping, you will need to ensure that the airflow is distributed equally.

Should you let pressure-treated wood dry?

The first tip for working with pressure-treated lumber is to let it dry before using it. Other woods such as redwood and cedar are dry when you buy them. But lumber that has been treated has been injected with massive amounts of chemicals and water.
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Does sealing wood prevent warping?

Sealing wood will not prevent it from warping or expanding. Sealing both ends of the wooden plank may help prevent the ends from expanding or shrinking faster and exacerbating the warping of the plank. However, there is no guarantee treating wood with a wood sealer will prevent it from warping or expanding.

Why is the wood on my deck curling up?

When the external forces become too powerful for the wood, the wood will move, typically cupping upwards at the outside edges. Too much sun on the top, combined with too much moisture below.

Can you straighten warped deck boards?

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Quote from Youtube video: Here. Now we just set our screws in. Place. And there you go that's about it like I said I could fix it'll much bigger Bo's.

How do you get a warp out of wood?


  1. Wrap the wood in moistened towels. Moisten one or two large towels and wrap them around the wood, making sure that the entire warped area is covered. …
  2. Place the covered wood on an ironing board. …
  3. Heat an iron to its highest setting. …
  4. Press the iron over the warped surface. …
  5. Repeat as needed.

Is it better to stain or paint pressure treated wood?

Pressure-Treated Wood Needs Protection

Applying stain to pressure-treated wood offers an additional level of protection that homeowners don’t want to be without. Stain offers another layer of much-needed protection from insects and decay, as well as from mold and mildew.

Can I leave pressure treated wood in the rain?

Can Pressure Treated Wood Get Rained On? Yes, pressure-treated wood can get rained on. Unfortunately, at this point, the wood doesn’t have any protection that can enable it to withstand the effects of rain. Consequently, the wood will start rotting.

How long can treated lumber sit outside?

While pressure treated poles can stay up to 40 years without any signs of rot or decay, decks and flooring might only last around 10 years.

Should I use Thompson water seal on pressure treated wood?

Some, like Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Waterproofing Wood Protector, recommend waiting 30 days before application on new pressure treated lumber. Other products, like Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Waterproofing Stain, can be applied immediately to new pressure treated lumber.

Do you need to seal cut ends of pressure treated wood?

IN-GROUND APPLICATION. Whilst treating or sealing any cut ends is important with any Treated Lumber product, maintaining a sealed end is most important when applicating Pressure Treated lumber in-ground, such as Fence Posts and Landscaping / Retaining Wall.

How soon can you seal pressure treated wood?

Sealers may be applied to pressure-treated wood as soon as the surface no longer looks wet. The sealer offers a degree of water repellency and color to outdoor wood without forming a thick coating on the surface. It will also allow any remaining moisture to slowly leave wood after the coating has been applied.

What can I use to seal the cut ends of pressure treated wood?

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Quote from Youtube video: Product. So what I have here is some basically some seal it's called cut and seal. But it is basically the pressure treated stuff that is put on the wood. So I'm going to open up this can and just two