Can I make my wood fireplace double sided?

See through Fireplace Design

But a double-sided wood burning fireplace is different. Not only do you get two views in one space, you can also make your double-sided fireplace an indoor/outdoor fireplace!

Can you change the opening of a fireplace?

Add Glass Fireplace Doors

Unlike a gas fireplace, which can be switched off, the only way to leave a wood fire is closed off with glass doors. Retrofitting this safety feature to an existing fireplace isn’t difficult. The doors come in standard sizes that fit in any flat firebox opening.

Can you convert a wood burning fireplace?

Yes, you can convert an existing wood burning fireplace to gas, but it must be that — an existing wood burning fireplace. Wood burning appliances, such as wood stoves, cannot be converted to gas.

Can a fireplace be open on two sides?

Apart from being a fabulous designer feature, double-sided fireplaces are also a great way to break up space while sustaining visual and light flow between two areas.

Is a double sided fireplace more expensive?

A two-sided wood-burning fireplace is less expensive to install than two separate fireplaces because it requires only one flue and chimney.

Are two sided fireplaces efficient?

There are many benefits of a double-sided gas fireplace: Modern and simplistic in design. Heat economy – As they are usually positioned in between two rooms or spaces, they can heat two rooms simultaneously. Energy efficiency – Heat medium to large-sized rooms efficiently due to central positioning.

How do you convert a fireplace?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: I brushed on two coats of primer. And then two coats of pure white by Sherwin Williams. I noticed that it wasn't that hard getting into the grooves with the roller. I just took my time.

Can you add a second fireplace to an existing chimney?

Multi-Level Fireplaces

Each fireplace can face the same direction, if you want, since they will not block each other. You might even choose to combine a multi-level fireplace with a double sided fireplace, combining three fireplaces into one chimney.

Can you drywall over a fireplace?

To remodel your brick fireplace you can simply cover it with drywall. The end result is a smooth wall that you can paint and decorate anyway you like.

What is a double sided fireplace called?

Haris Kenjar. Double-sided fireplaces require double the space—and offer double the warmth. Often contemporary in style, a grand double-sided fireplace works best in open-concept areas and indoor / outdoor rooms, in which it creates multiple, aesthetically cohesive spaces connected through the fireplace wall.

What is a 2 way fireplace?

Open on one side or both to create a feature for your home entertaining area. The double sided, wood burning fireplace designed by Chazelles allows you to extend the enjoyment of a wooden log fire in more than one living room or space in the home.

How wide is a two sided fireplace?

A double-sided fireplace can come with a height of 52 inches, a width of 44 inches, and a depth of 25 inches. This type of fireplace usually has a deeper depth, as they extend from one room to the other.

What is a see through fireplace?

See-Through Gas Fireplace. The first indoor/outdoor gas fireplace trends ahead with the Twilight Modern see-through model. Artistic flames rise through crushed glass with no chimney or venting needed in a contemporary design.

What is a ventless fireplace?

Ventless fireplaces use interior air for combustion, which includes anything present in the air and on the burner and release all emissions inside the room they operate – dramatically decreasing the air quality you breathe.

How can I make my double sided fireplace more efficient?

— The rack where you place the wood should be placed directly under the damper. Raising the grate on bricks helps create more combustion air under the fire and gets the fire closer to the chimney opening.

How deep are see through fireplaces?

36″ See-Through Gas Fireplace – DV

Appliance Width: 42-1/2″
Appliance Depth1: 24″
Appliance Rear Width: 42-1/2″
Framing Width: 43″
Framing Height: 38-1/8″

What is an Isokern fireplace?

What is an Isokern Fireplace? Built in Chesapeake, Virginia, Isokern Fireplaces are modular masonry fireplace systems. Made using volcanic stone mined from the Hekla volcano in Iceland, these fireplace and chimney systems provide the insulation and refractory properties of masonry, without the bulk and weight.

Do see through fireplaces work?

The answer is no, primarily because see-through fireplaces really were not built in Victorian and turn-of-the-century homes. The idea behind little coal fireplaces was to provide heat for a single room, and that ideally you could close off the room to keep the heat from one little fireplace in that room.