No it would not be safe.

Can water heater relief valve drain into pan?

The terminal end of the pipe shall not be threaded. Discharge from a relief valve into a water heater pan shall be prohibited.

Can you use PVC for condensate drain?

PVC piping systems are recognized as acceptable for use in condensate drain systems in all major model plumbing codes.

How do you keep condensate lines from freezing?

Can you prevent HVAC condensate drain lines from freezing?

  1. Insulate drain with a weatherproof material.
  2. Use Ice Melt underneath the drain line exit point.
  3. Install heat tape around the exposed pipe.

What is the purpose of the condensate drain line heater?

The primary purpose of the condensate drain pan is to collect excess water that comes from the air conditioning process.

Where should pressure relief valve drain to?

The valve should be connected to a discharge pipe (also called a drain line) that runs down the length of the water heater tank. This pipe is responsible for routing hot water released from the TPR to a proper discharge location.

Where should a pressure relief valve be located?

Also known as the temperature/pressure relief valve, or the TPR valve, this valve is located near the top of the water heater. It usually features a lever you can lift up or down and has a discharge pipe that runs from the valve down to the water heater’s base.

What is the proper way to plumb a condensate drain?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: And simply put it on here like. So. And then it and then it falls down into the emergency drain pan.

What type of pipe is used for condensate?

The recommended material to use for a condensate system is stainless steel. Stainless steel greatly enhances the pipes’ ability to withstand the corrosive attack for a longer, more reliable operational life.

Should condensate drain be glued?

There should be a pipe glued into the T raising the point the brush can be inserted to above the pan, and it MUST be glued, so if the trap clogs water cannot leak out the T. The clean out MUST be capped off but NOT glued such that it can be cleaned… capping it off helps with then static air pressure.

Does condensate drain piping need to be insulated?

No. Building & mechanical codes do not require insulation on A/C condensate drains, based on a reading of the current U.S. Energy Code that I will excerpt here.

Do condensate drains need to be vented?

no vent. per se, is required on the condensate line itself, unlike sanitary drains, which must be vented to prevent siphonage at the traps and possible collaspe of the sewer pipe due to possible negative pressures created when no vent is present.

Where should I run my condensate drain line?

The drain line access pipe is located near your indoor unit, which may be in your attic, crawl space, or garage, typically installed on top of the gas furnace in your home.

What is code for water heater pressure relief valve?

Code Section 3303.4[ii] specifies that the TPR valve must be installed within the top 6 inches of the water heater tank in order to enable the valve to discharge at a temperature of no greater than 210°F.

Can you use PEX for water heater pressure relief valve?

Can you use PEX as discharge pipe at water heater temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve? Yes. PEX (cross-linked-polyethylene) is rated for water distribution by the International Residenital Code (IRC) at Table P2906.

How do you plumb a water heater pressure relief valve?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: And pressure relief valve by threading it clockwise into the tank then. Tighten. Apply some sealant to the threads of the discharge tube then thread the tube into the new.

Can you use PVC for water heater relief valve?

No. PVC pipe is not rated by the building code for use with hot water, so the installation shown above is wrong and unsafe. If the temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve opens because the water heater is overheating, the water will be over 200º F.

How should pressure relief valves be installed?

Pressure relief valve installation

  1. Mount PRVs in a vertical position, which means upright and with the spindle vertical. …
  2. For flanged valves, be sure to draw the bolts down evenly. …
  3. Avoid overtightening the valve. …
  4. Apply pipe dope to the male threads only.

What size line should you run from the relief valve on a residential water heater?

The discharge tube attached to the water heater pressure/temperature relief valve should be the same diameter as the opening of the valve itself. In our photo someone has fastened a 1/2″ pipe discharge tube onto a 3/4″ diameter relief valve.

Can CPVC be used for water heater pressure relief valve?

PVC pipe is only cold water rated and can melt or burst if used for pressurized hot water. Almost any other type of plumbing supply pipe may be used for the T&P valve’s discharge pipe, such as: copper, PEX, CPVC, and polybutylene (PB).

Can you terminate the TPR temperature pressure relief valve discharge pipe to the water heater pan?

(6) The terminal end of the pipe shall not be threaded. (7) Discharge from a relief valve into a water heater pan shall be prohibited.