Can you put wood subfloor over concrete?

As with a floated subfloor, NWFA recommends a vapor retarder for glue-down subfloors when installing ¾” wood flooring over concrete. After installing a vapor retarder (if necessary), cut your plywood panels into 2’x8′ or 4’x4′ sections. The NWFA recommends plywood with a minimal thickness of ¾”.

How do you install wood flooring over concrete?

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Quote from Youtube video: Content then we then apply a concrete sealer to prevent any increment of moisture coming through this is a moisture barrier to eliminate any moisture coming up through the concrete slab.

Can you lay solid wood floor on concrete?

Laying a solid wood floor over concrete

Both solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring can be laid onto a concrete subfloor.

Can you lay plywood over concrete?

Plywood can easily adhere to concrete. Plywood is often used as a sub-flooring. It can be installed on top of concrete before hardwood flooring or another type of material is installed. One way to attach plywood to a concrete surface is to screw it into place with concrete fasteners.

What should I put between wood and concrete?

Anyplace where wood meets the ground or concrete, the lumber must be pressure treated. For additional moisture protection, a gasket or strip of closed-cell foam can be installed between the concrete foundation and the sill plate.

Do I need a vapor barrier between concrete and wood flooring?

A common question that DIYers ask is, “I’m installing a new floor on-grade, a cement slab. Do I need a vapor barrier for hardwood floors?” The answer is YES! Moisture can destroy hardwood flooring. It causes cupping, warping, and even mildew if not treated.

How do you install subfloor on concrete?

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Quote from Youtube video: So all you have to do is let up your joints do not overlap them and then you just place the tuck tape over. Top. Try to keep them nice and.

Do I need a subfloor over concrete?

A subfloor will help insulate against a concrete floor that becomes overly cold in winter. The concrete slab must be clean, sound, and level, with any serious cracking repaired, before you install your subfloor. — Always check your local building code before choosing a particular subflooring material or design.

What kind of plywood do you use for subfloor over concrete?

When installing subflooring over concrete, for installation of wood flooring, it is necessary to use thicker subflooring, so that it can be nailed into. A minimum of 5/8” thick plywood is recommended, with 3/4” thick plywood being considered ideal.

Can you put wood directly on concrete?

Can you put wood directly on concrete? Yes, you can put wood directly on concrete.

Can you attach wood directly to concrete?

Wood can be attached directly to interior concrete using screws, screws with anchors, anchor bolts, nails, or adhesives. There are a variety of different screw-down fasteners, but all require a predrilled hole. Some require anchors inserted into the concrete, and others bite and grip the edges of the hole.

Is it OK to put pressure-treated wood in concrete?

Pressure-treated wood is required whenever you attach framing lumber or furring strips directly to concrete or other exterior masonry walls below grade. Note that this requirement is only for exterior walls, as these may wick moisture onto the lumber.

Does wood in concrete rot?

With concrete holding the moisture against the wood, wood has no chance and will eventually lose the battle. Now you don’t have to lose all hope because it’s for certain that the concrete around the post will crack, therefore making it easy to pull out when it starts to rot.

How do you keep wood from rotting in concrete?

Purchase a wood preservative that contains copper naphthenate at a lumberyard or hardware store. Pour about 12 litre (0.53 qt) of it into a large bucket. Set the end of your post that you’ll bury in the ground into the bucket and let it soak for 15–20 minutes.

What should I put between 2×4 and concrete?

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Quote from Youtube video: Makes a tape called wig love and this is a particularly good choice wherever we're sticking to concrete. This is going to stick without a primer although certainly we could use a primer.