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Is L6-30R single phase?

208/240V single phase whip with L6-30R outlet distributes power from 3 phase distribution cabinet to critical equipment racks.

What voltage is an L6 30 receptacle?


The NEMA L6-30 receptacle is also used as an output receptacle for supplying 208 VAC in the Matrix-UPS, the Smart-UPS T models, and single phase Symmetra systems (Power Array, RM, LX). It is a locking two-pole, three-wire grounding receptacle with a maximum input of 250V and 30A.

What is NEMA 14 30R used for?

The NEMA 14-30R outlet is used for a clothes dryer, while the NEMA 14-50R outlet is used for an electric cooking range. The 14-50 can also be found in use with 50 Amp RVs, high service generators, and nowadays EV charging.

How do you wire a NEMA L6-30R?

Hold the NEMA L6-30R receptacle and view the terminal screws behind it. Wrap the red wire clockwise around the brass terminal screw; tighten the connection with a screwdriver. Wrap the black wire clockwise around the brass terminal screw; tighten the connection.

What is the difference between L6 20 and L6 30?

It is a NEMA L6-20P to NEMA L6-30R. The NEMA L6-20P is a 20 Amp, 250-Volt, 3-prong locking male plug. The NEMA L6-30R is a 30 Amp, 250-Volt, 3-prong female connector. The product is heavy duty, compact and contains nickel-plated plugs and terminals to prevent rusting.

How do you wire a 220v plug with 3 wires?

Typically, a 220v power plug can be connected with three or four wires.
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  1. Step One: Choose A Wire Gauge. …
  2. Step Two: Remove The Outer Coating Of The Wire. …
  3. Step Three: Feed The White Wire. …
  4. Step Four: Push The Hot Wires.

What is L6-30R used for?

This NEMA L6-30P to L6-30R cord can be used to connect a PDU or UPS system to an AC wall outlet or connect another high-output device to a PDU or UPS with L6-30R outlets. It is also a recommended replacement or upgrade of a standard power cord provided by the device’s manufacturer.

What is a L6-30R receptacle?

Product Description. L6-30 R Locking Receptacle Solid Brass color coded screw terminals, 2-Pole 3-Wire 30 Amps, 250 Volts. Grounding, Locking Receptacle U/L rated.