How big can you get a hose clamp?

Standard series hose clamps are the most common and are found in vehicle and industrial applications. Minimum clamp diameter is 3/8″ and the typical maximum is about 8 7/16″. They have 1/2″ wide bands and 5/16″ slotted hex head screws. These clamps meet or exceed SAE torque specifications.

What can I use instead of a Jubilee Clip?

One of the most common Jubilee clip alternatives is the zip tie. However, while cable ties will often suffice as a temporary solution, these are typically much less robust components that lack the mechanical strength and torque force of a proper high-quality band clamp.

How are jubilee clips sized?

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Product Band width Max. Diameter
(mm) (mm) (inches)
100010 Jubilee® Clip 000 Mild Steel 9.5-12mm 9.5 3/8
100020 20 Jubilee® Clip M00 Mild Steel 11-16mm 11 1/2
100030 30 Jubilee® Clip 00 Mild Steel 13-20mm 13 1/2

What size Jubilee Clip do I need for hose pipe?

Jubilee Type Hose Clip for Gas/Fresh Water & Waste Water Hoses. The smaller 16mm clips are suitable for 10mm & 12mm fresh water hoses and the 8mm flexible gas hose. The 22mm clips are suitable for the 20mm waste water pipe that has approx. an 22mm outer diameter.

What size is a #24 hose clamp?

Stainless Steel SAE Size 24 Worm Gear Hose Clamp 1.06 Minimum Diameter 2.00 Maximum Diameter.

How are hose clips measured?

Only measure the outside diameter of the hose when it has been pushed onto the end of the pipe fitting, as often there will be expansion at this point. Once the outside diameter has been measured, check the dynamic range of the hose clamp to ensure that it can be tightened to the correct size.

Why are they called Jubilee clips?

The company was founded in 1921 by Commander Lumley Robinson after he patented the worm drive hose clip, which he named ‘Jubilee Clip’; although we don’t know where he got the name from. Jubilee® remains a registered trademark and is known throughout the world.

What are the different types of hose clamps?

There are three main hose-clamp types:

  • Plastic hose clamps. The ratcheting teeth interlock to provide a strong, secure. …
  • Worm-drive hose clamps. These hi-torque worm clamps are the style meant when referring to jubilee clips. …
  • T-bolt hose clamps.

What size jubilee clip do I need for a washing machine waste pipe?

Washing Machine Hoses / Connectors & Jubilee Clips

Fitting Size
Hose Outlet Adaptors 19mm 22mm
Drain Hose (Hose Pipe) … Clear Hose Clear Hose ½” x 15mt ½” x 30m ¾” x 30m
Jubilee Clips ½” – ¾” ¾” – 1″ 7/8″ – 1⅛” 1⅛” – 1-5/8″ 4″

What size is a #20 hose clamp?

Breeze – 62020H Power-Seal Stainless Steel Hose Clamp, Worm-Drive, SAE Size 20, 13/16″ to 1-3/4″ Diameter Range, 1/2″ Bandwidth (Pack of 10)

What size is a #12 hose clamp?

Size #12 (5/8″ ~ 1-1/4″) All Stainless Hose Clamp, 1/2″ Bandwidth, Pack of 10.

How do you size a clamp?

What size of hose clamp do I need? To determine the size of hose clamp you require, use this method: Install a hose or tubing on the diameter of the pipe to measure its external diameter. Adjust the tube size used to the tighten fitting that can slide onto the pipe without much struggle.

How do you size a tri-clamp?

The tri-clamp® size is identified by measuring the outside diameter of the pipe. It is often mistaken that the outside diameter of the flange end, or otherwise known as ferrule, is interpreted as the size of the tri-clamp but that is not the case.

How are Oetiker clamps measured?

The first thing you need to know about the step-less style ear-clamp, AKA oetiker style clamp is that they are measured based on the inner diameter. The clamps have a small number imprinted on the side of them that represents their size. The size is the inner diameter of the clamp when open/not-clamped.

What size is V band?

In a range of sizes from 38mm (1.5″) up to 101.5mm (4.0″).

What is a Vband clamp?

V-Band style clamps – also commonly known as V-Clamps – are used frequently in both the heavy-duty and performance vehicle market due to their tight sealing capabilities. The V-Band clamp is a heavy-duty clamping method for flanged pipes of all kinds.

Are all V band clamps the same?

Selecting the right V-Band Clamp, V-Band Flanges, and full V-Band Assemblies can be pretty easy when starting a new project — quality, material type, price and availability are the determining factors. However, choosing the “right” replacement V-Band Clamp or V-Band Flange can actually be harder than one might think.