Low Height Deck Joist Support Options on Concrete

  • Slab size = 12′ x 14′
  • Slab thickness = 4″
  • Slab is covered by overhanging shingled roof with eaves.
  • Vertical clearance to sliding door threshold = ~2-1/2″
  • Slab heave = 3/4″ ~ 1″ at the center of the slab.

How do you build a low level deck on concrete?

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Quote from Youtube video: And now we're just gonna frame over the whole thing. And our decks gonna sit right on top of here it's perfectly the code very easy to do but make sure if you're doing it your slab is in good shape.

Can you build a deck on top of concrete?

An existing concrete patio will make your deck installation much easier and faster, and you can install your deck directly onto the concrete. You will want to account for water drainage and material expansion/contraction, so it is best to place boards called ‘sleepers’ underneath the deck.

How do you build a raised deck on concrete?

Building a Deck over Concrete Step-By-Step

  1. Plan. deck footings over concrete. …
  2. Create the footings. As I see it, here you have two options. …
  3. Set Deck posts. …
  4. Install the Deck Rim Joists (Outside Beams) …
  5. Install Interior Joists. …
  6. Install Blocking for extra stability. …
  7. Install the Decking.

How do you build a timber deck over a concrete slab?

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Quote from Youtube video: And set the drilling depth on the masonry drill bit just remember that most slabs are only about 100 millimeters thick so make sure you don't drill all the way through or you may have moisture.

How do you install floor joists on a concrete slab?

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Quote from Youtube video: Into the sill plate. They do recommend to make any joints for the rim joist. Go in between the floor joists. But i found that if you carefully drive the nails equally on both sides of the i-joist.

Can deck posts sit on concrete?

A deck post should always be placed on top of footing, not inside concrete because it can break. The photo on the left shows a post set in a bracket that has been mounted to the top of a footer. The photo on the right shows a post that has concrete poured around it, which can lead to a crack like you see here.

Can you put pressure treated wood directly on concrete?

Wood in direct contact with concrete, and the dampness often found there, will rapidly decay. To avoid this, use pressure-treated lumber. This is wood impregnated with decay-resisting chemicals, usually chromated copper arsenates.

How do you anchor a 6×6 post to a concrete slab?

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Quote from Youtube video: Today today we're gonna work on these 6×6 posts the ones that I put the all thread in the concrete I drill out some holes and use this Simpson Strong Tie s et – 3G it's an epoxy adhesive two-part.

How do you build a second story deck over a concrete patio?

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Quote from Youtube video: And that means i have to go at least 42 inches down into the ground for my footing. And because this is a two-story deck. And the size of it i'm going to need to go at least an 18 inch footing.

Can you lay decking on top of slabs?

In most cases, however, it’s completely okay to do so. More so if you’re using high-quality materials like composite decking. However, as previously mentioned, there are things you should consider first before starting to install the deck. For concrete slabs, you have to make sure that it’s in excellent condition.

How do you attach wood to concrete?

You can fasten wood to concrete using 3 different methods, depending on your preference. Hammer-set concrete fasteners, concrete screws, and mortar nails are all effective ways to connect wood to concrete. Once you’ve determined the right method for your project, you can easily fasten wood and concrete objects!

Can you put wood over concrete porch?

Covering your concrete porch with wood provides a warmer feel. Covering a concrete porch with wood provides a warmer, cozier feel. It is also a good way to cover up peeling paint, slight chipping and discolored concrete. Whatever your reasons, adding a wood floor to your concrete porch is a fairly simple operation.

Can you put decking over concrete porch?

Yes. In most cases you can lay composite decking over concrete (keeping in mind you’ll have to build a substructure that allows airflow and drainage). In fact, concrete surfaces can provide a dry, durable, and stable area that’s essentially ideal for composite decking.

How do you attach wood to a concrete patio?

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Quote from Youtube video: Move it and take two nails and put them side-by-side. And begin to drive them into the wood. Right down into the hole into the concrete.

How do you build a deck on a concrete front porch?

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Porch

  1. First make sure your concrete porch is structurally sound. …
  2. Do not attach decking materials directly to the surface of your concrete porch. …
  3. Not all Decking is Created Equal. …
  4. Best Decking Material for Concrete Porches. …
  5. Hardwood Deck Tiles Can Be Installed Directly Over Concrete.