How long should I dry my firewood?

six to 18 months

Generally you should dry or “season” firewood for six to 18 months before burning.

How long does wood drying take?

Seasoning or Air-Drying Wood: The One-Year Rule
In fact, expect most types of wood to take about one year per inch of thickness to dry out. If it’s a two-inch log, that means you’ll need to let it sit outdoors for two whole years before it’s dry enough to efficiently burn.

How do you know if wood is dry enough to burn?

You can also test the driness of your firewood by banging together two pieces of wood. Your firewood is dry when the sound is hard and ringing. Moist firewood has a dull sound.

What 2 methods are used in the drying process of wood?

The time to reduce the lumber from 85% moisture content to 25% moisture content is then about 4.5 days. Broadly, there are two methods by which timber can be dried: (i) natural drying or air drying, and (ii) artificial drying. Air drying is the drying of timber by exposing it to the air.

How can I make firewood dry faster?

10 Hacks for Drying Firewood Super Fast: Seasoning your Firewood Quickly

  1. Make your wood the right length. …
  2. Split the wood. …
  3. Leave lots of air gaps. …
  4. Cover with a roof. …
  5. Let in the sun. …
  6. Leave your wood out in the elements for the Summer. …
  7. Don’t leave it too late to season your firewood. …
  8. Keep your wood stack small.

Can firewood be too old?

As long as firewood is left to sit in the right conditions and free from moisture it won’t go bad for many years. Once firewood has been seasoned for the right amount of time it should be stored off the ground, under a form of cover and open to the atmosphere to ensure that it doesn’t rot.

How long does it take firewood to dry after rain?

You can read more about how long it takes firewood to season in another one of our articles here. What is this? If seasoned firewood has been exposed to the rain, it can take a couple of days to a week for the firewood to completely dry out again.

What moisture should firewood be?


It’s important to burn only wood with moisture content below 20%. Burning wood with higher moisture content creates more smoke, which contains harmful chemicals and particulates and forms creosote on your chimney. It also gives you less heat, because it takes energy to boil off the excess water.

Can you burn wet firewood?

Wet firewood is wood that is too high in moisture content to burn efficiently in a fireplace or stove. Wood that is too wet to burn can struggle to catch fire, produce more smoke, release less heat and create an overall unpleasant burning experience.

What is wood drying defect?

A drying defect is any characteristic or blemish in a wood product that occurs during the drying process and reduces the prod- uct’s intended value. Drying degrade is a more specific term that implies a drying defect that lowers the grade of lumber.

Why wood drying is important?

The fungus needs to have moisture in order to survive. So eliminating the moisture will kill any fungus that may already be present and will prevent fungal attacks in the future as long as the wood remains dry. Properly drying the wood also kills any insects and eggs that may be in the wood.

How do you dry wood without cracking it?

Lean the slice against a wall or prop it up on its side in a warm, well-ventilated location such as a garage, basement, or shed. Let it dry for up to a week so the solution can evaporate and the wood can dry without cracking.

Does splitting firewood dry faster?

Splitting wood speeds up the drying process. If you need wood to burn in the near future, you better your odds by purchasing wood that’s been split. Split wood will also dry out faster than logs in a stack.

Will firewood dry in a garage?

GARAGE – Not only will your wood stay dry, but it won’t be covered in snow during winter. The only issue is that there isn’t much airflow in a garage so you’ll want to avoid stacking your wood in the garage if it’s too wet. It will take longer for your wood to dry under those conditions.

How can you tell if wood is seasoned?

Seasoned wood will be darker in color than green wood, and may be cracking at the ends. Seasoned wood can also lighter in weight and the bark can be peeled off more easily than unseasoned wood. A moisture meter will be able to provide an accurate reading of whether firewood is fully seasoned or not.

Can you burn freshly cut wood outside?

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, fresh green wood may be composed of roughly 45 percent water content, which makes burning it difficult or impossible. After cutting green wood, allow it to sit outdoors for six to 12 months to allow it to properly “season,” or dry.

How long should logs sit before splitting?

about six months

The most important rules for preparing good firewood are: Cut, split and stack the wood in the early spring and let it stand in the sun and wind until it is seasoned. For many people seasoning will take about six months. for others, it will be a full year, depending on climate and wood species.

How can you tell if wood is seasoned?

Seasoned wood will be darker in color than green wood, and may be cracking at the ends. Seasoned wood can also lighter in weight and the bark can be peeled off more easily than unseasoned wood. A moisture meter will be able to provide an accurate reading of whether firewood is fully seasoned or not.

How long does it take to dry firewood indoors?

Drying time depends on the type of wood. Softer woods take about 6-8 months, says Wood Splitters Direct, while for hardwoods, you may have to allow for a year or two. Always inspect logs before transporting indoors.

Does rain affect dry firewood?

It is a good idea to store enough wood to last a few days in a dry place, such as a verandah and regularly top this supply up as it is used. Wet wood will dry out quite quickly if protected from rain, provided it has enough ventilation.

Does rain help dry firewood?

No, rain does not help to season firewood. The seasoning process helps to reduce the moisture content of wood so that it can burn effectively when used as firewood. In order for firewood to dry out quickly and efficiently, the wood must be kept dry and away from any moisture.

How long does it take firewood to dry out after rain?

If the wood is still wet after four weeks, it may not be seasoned well enough to burn. Even when dry outside, firewood can harbor moisture pockets that keep it damp inside. If it is a measure of time, an average person can estimate that four weeks would be the minimum amount of time required for wood to dry.

Should you cover firewood with a tarp?

The easiest way to cover your firewood is to use a tarp. After you’ve stacked the wood, place the tarp on the top of the stack. Cover only the top and let an inch or two hang down. Do not cover the sides of the stack, since you’ll need airflow to dry the wood out.

Will firewood dry in a pile?

If stacked correctly with all pieces of firewood stacked horizontally, the completed pile will stand as long as the wood can endure. Within a three-month period, the stack will shrink from 10 feet to eight, as the wood quickly dries.
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