How do you apply Red Guard?

Quote from Youtube video: First pre coat the corners. And the intersections where floors and walls meet spread red guards six inches on each side of the intersection.

How long does RedGard need to dry before tiling?

Depending on ambient conditions, drying time can take up to 12 hours. A water test can be conducted 72 hours after application if required.

How long should mortar cure before RedGard?

Smooth the grout lines with a corner of the grout sponge. Allow the grout to cure for 72 hours before applying grout sealer.

Does RedGard need to be mixed?

Prime all surfaces to receive RedGard® with properly applied manufacturer’s sealer or with a primer coat of RedGard®, consisting of 1 part RedGard®, diluted with 4 parts clean, cool water. In a clean pail, mix at low speed to obtain a lump-free solution.

Is redguard good for exterior?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: Complete red guard family of products for fast reliable tile installations. The legacy started with rent guard liquid waterproofing. And crack prevention membrane a ready to use easy to apply

Can I paint over RedGard?

You can apply thinset over the RedGard and prime and paint over that. Joint compound is reactivated when it absorbs water and can cause problems like mold and blistering or delamination of paint film.

Can you RedGard on cement board?

RedGard Creates a Waterproof and Crack Resistant Membrane

If you can paint a wall you can use RedGard. And for this shower, we only needed one gallon. There are two ways to get RedGard on cement board panels: Roll it on the wall with a 3/4 inch nap roller.

What kind of thinset do I use over redguard?

The Flexbond modified thinset, which is sold at HD, lists redgard as one of the surfaces it can be applied to and therefore, following manufacturer recommendations, a person should be using a modified thinset like Flexbond over Redgard.

Can you use RedGard over drywall?

RedGard is not designed for use on drywall, yet many people have successfully done so. RedGard does not make drywall fit for use in wet areas. Additionally, if applied incorrectly, the RedGard will nort form a sufficinet barrier and if water get into the drywall, it is ruined.

How do you waterproof a shower with RedGard?

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Quote from Youtube video: It doesn't really need any tile. You can literally put the shower head on put the valve on put the tub spout on use the shower indefinitely with no tile whatsoever on it it's waterproof.

Should you RedGard shower pan?

Waterproofing a shower pan is a massive task that requires the addition layer like RedGard between the tiles and the mortar to prevent water from seeping in. While RedGard is a great waterproofing material that has worked in multiple scenarios with great efficiency, it is not enough for the shower pan.

Do I seal cement board before tiling?

Although most backerboards currently available won’t fall apart when exposed to moisture and are somewhat water-resistant, they aren’t waterproof. To prevent moisture from seeping through to the wood or metal studs beneath the tile, a barrier or sealant must be used on porous materials.

Does mortar stick to RedGard?

Premixed thinset mortar does not adhere well to RedGard waterproofing membrane. In order to make sure your tile bonds well to a surface that has been waterproofed with RedGard, use a powdered mortar. You will need to mix this mortar with water yourself, but it will ensure a strong bond between the tile and the wall.

How many coats of RedGard can I put on?

When dry, apply at least one full coat of RedGard® to the primed area. When used as a vapor barrier, apply one full coat (20 to 25 mils wet) where vapor transmission is up to 8 lbs per 1000 sq. ft per day and two full coats (20 to 25 mils wet each coat) where vapor transmission is up to 12 lbs per 1000 sq. ft per day.

How long does RedGard last?


Container Size 1 Gal.
For Use With Interior / Exterior Tile, Stone, Masonry
Coverage Area 110 Sq. Ft.
Shelf Life 18 Mo.
Brand RedGard

Is Redgard a vapor barrier?

It bonds directly to clean metal drains, PVC, stainless steel, and ABS drain assemblies and can be used as a slab-on-grade moisture vapor barrier under all types of floor coverings.

How much does Redgard cover per gallon?

Coverage Chart

Size Coverage
1 Gallon (3.78 L) 25 sq. ft. (2.3 M2)
3.5 Gallon (13.2 L) 88 sq. ft. (8.2 M M2)
RedGard as Waterproof Membrane:
1 Gallon (3.78 L) 55 sq. ft. (5.1 M2)

Can Redgard be used on wood?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: So four coats of red guard will make it waterproof. No water will ever see this piece of board.

Can you use RedGard on OSB?

Once the RedGard® is dry, tile can be safely installed to the RedGard®-coated OSB with one of CuSTOM®’s polymer-modified thin-set or medium bed mortars. Note: OSB must be protected from water or moisture exposure during shipping and throughout the installation process.

Is RedGard toxic to breathe?

Is Redgard Toxic? Redgard is toxic if you swallow it. Otherwise, it is toxic if you breathe in the fumes for a long time. To prevent problems with breathing in Redgard fumes, wear a mask and ventilate the area you are working in.