How do you remove a cast iron tub by yourself?

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Quote from Youtube video: All by yourself one person can remove a cast-iron tub that weighs 400 pounds just break it into little pieces. And I highly recommend these gloves because these pieces will cast-iron.

Can you cut a cast iron tub with a Sawzall?

The easiest and most versatile saw for this type of cutting is the reciprocating saw or “sawzall”. Blades are available up to nearly a foot in length, making it easy to cut most anything. Just don’t cut through the floor or your plumbing! Start with two cuts across the width of the tub, dividing the tub into thirds.

How much does it cost to remove a cast iron bath?

Cast Iron Tub Removal Cost. To remove a standard cast iron tub, you can expect to pay anywhere from $255-$395. Based on where the tub is location in the home or on the property, your cost could be more.

Can you break a cast iron tub with a sledge hammer?

Breaking up the cast-iron bathtub with a sledgehammer is the preferred method for contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike. The tub can be reduced to pieces small enough to fit in contractor plastic bags. You’ll need heavy gloves for this one, as the metal shards and chips of porcelain coating are razor-sharp.

How do you remove a heavy cast iron tub?

How to Remove a Cast Iron Tub Directions

  1. Shut off the water supply to the tub.
  2. Open tub faucet to drain water remaining in supply lines.
  3. Remove screws securing the plate covering the overflow assembly.
  4. Work loose the lever hook and take it out.
  5. Take out the drain stopper.

Can you cut a cast iron bath with a grinder?

You can also cut through a cast iron tub using a hand-held angle grinder with a diamond-tipped blade in it.

How much does a cast iron bathtub weigh?

350-500 pounds

How heavy is a cast iron tub? Depending on its size, an iron tub can easily weigh 350-500 pounds or more when empty.

How do I know if my tub is steel or cast iron?

2) Tap the tub with your fingernail, and if it has a light, tinny sound (tak, tak, tak), it’s steel; if it sounds more solid, resonant or bell-like, it’s probably cast iron.

How long will a cast iron tub last?

While porcelain-enameled cast iron is expensive and heavier than steel or acrylic, a good cast-iron tub could last as long as you do: a good 70 years or more! A cast iron tub can be a thing of beauty.

How can you tell the difference between cast iron and cast steel?

Cast Iron vs Cast Steel

Cast Iron Cast Steel
Cast iron have very good vibration damping properties. In terms of vibration damping, cast steel is inferrior to cast iron.
More of Brittle Nature. Ductile nature.
Machinability lower. Good machinability.
Weldability is lower as compared to cast steel Good Weldability

Is my bath cast iron or enamel?

Remove the overflow drain cover on the side of the tub. Under the enamel or porcelain top coat, you will see either black and possibly rusty cast iron or a thin bright sheet of steel. Cast iron will be about a centimetre thick. Stainless steel is generally between two and four millimetres thick.

How do you remove a metal bathtub?

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Quote from Youtube video: So the tub goes in before the the drywall does. So obviously it's behind the drywall lip or edge. And the drywall has to come out in order to lift the tub out so.

Can my floor support a cast iron tub?

Both floor systems are normally strong enough to support the weight of a cast-iron bath filled with water, and a person.