Step 1: Clean out the hole and make sure that it is free of any loose debris, dust, or dirt. Step 2 (Optional): For a stronger bond between the new concrete and the existing cinderblock/concrete, apply a bonding agent. Step 3: Mix up your concrete repair mortar to a ‘clay’ consistency and apply it to the hole.

What to use to fill holes in foundation?

Bentonite is a fine clay that expands when it gets wet. Many homeowners might try to repair and patch these holes with bricklayer’s mortar or a mixture of Portland cement and sand.

What is the best thing to fill holes in concrete?

Most holes can be fixed with a quality mortar mix, although you should use one with a crushed stone aggregate to fill holes over 1 in (2.5 cm) deep. Treat holes as soon as you find them so you can prevent water and rodents from further damaging the concrete and getting into your home.

What kind of cement do you use to patch foundation?

All-Purpose Cement: When in doubt, all-purpose cement is a popular option. This is ideal for repairing foundation walls, laying sidewalks, creating steps and setting posts.

How do you seal a hole in a concrete wall?

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Quote from Youtube video: You simply press that straight into the hole. Making sure that you press that in fairly firmly you want to fill up that hole as much as possible.

How do I fill a hole in my concrete basement?

How to fill a Large Hole with Concrete

  1. Step 1: Use a hammer and a cold chisel to level the bottom of the hole. …
  2. Step 2: Brush on a concrete bonding liquid. …
  3. Step 3: While the bonding agent is still tacky, mix the concrete. …
  4. Step 4: Level the patch.

How do I fill a large gap in my foundation?

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Quote from Youtube video: And that's what I'm going to be using I've I'm going to be using expanding foam to fill this deep gap. So I'm just going to wear my protective gloves. And screw on the nozzle. And insert the tube.

How do you fix a big hole in a foundation wall?

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Quote from Youtube video: So to apply the cement i just put on some surgical gloves. And then grabbed the cement handful by handful. And applied it to the hole in the foundation.

Can you use expanding foam on concrete?

Polyurethane foam bonds with the soil and creates a stronger, more supportive base for concrete. Expanding foam is water resistant so it won’t deteriorate, and provides a permanent solution for sinking and settling concrete.

Can I use mortar to fill a hole?

Mortar is a necessary filling component to adhere some home-building components together, such as bricks; but it can also be used to patch holes and cracks in basements and foundations, hold a patio together or secure fence posts and mailboxes.

How do you repair a hole in the outside wall?

Tiny nail and screw holes are the easiest to fix. Use a putty knife to fill them with spackling or wall joint compound. Allow the area to dry, then sand lightly. Anything larger must be covered with a bridging material for strength before patching compound can be applied.

How do you repair a hole in the floor of a slab foundation?

How to Repair a Hole in the Floor of a Slab Foundation

  1. Undercut the Hole’s Edges. Put on safety glasses. …
  2. Vacuum Up Debris. …
  3. Add Sand to the Hole. …
  4. Use a Concrete Bonding Liquid. …
  5. Mix the Concrete. …
  6. Remove Excess Concrete. …
  7. Wait for the Concrete to Cure. …
  8. Trowel the Surface.

How do you seal a foundation opening?

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Quote from Youtube video: So you're going to take your backer rod pack. It in there to bring it closer to the surface.

How do I fill a hole in my basement wall?


  1. Spread drop cloth on floor in work area.
  2. Use sledgehammer and cold chisel to chip away mortar from around the drainpipe.
  3. Remove any wooden forms found in the wall.
  4. Clean debris from hole.
  5. Partially fill the hole with chunks of rubble.
  6. Mix up a bucket of hydraulic cement.

How do you repair a hole in a block foundation?

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Quote from Youtube video: So I need to patch up some cracks point up some cracks and fill some different voids and in the cinderblock. Foundation. Here's my supplies some trials some mortar mix and a mixing tub ended up only

How do you repair a leaking cinder block foundation?

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Quote from Youtube video: Products will self-heal. The adhesion of dry zero cement Isha's products works by becoming part of the crystalline matrix of the cement wall.

What is cement epoxy?

Epoxy is an adhesive used for bonding concrete. Epoxy resins are used with concrete in the form of coatings, repair materials, grouts, bonding agents, paints, adhesives, epoxy mortars, sealers, penetrating sealers, wearing surfaces, and as admixtures to hydraulic cement concrete to make epoxy polymer-modified concrete.

Will epoxy fill holes in concrete?

If you have just a few small holes from pitting, then we recommend using something like Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Concrete Patch. This is the same product that works well for crack repairs.

Can I use epoxy to repair concrete?

Epoxy is a flexible, durable, effective material used for filling concrete cracks and restoring the durability of your surface. An experienced DIYer can fill concrete cracks and repair their concrete themselves.