How to wire Insteon switch?

Getting Started

  1. Turn off power and connect the corresponding wires from the junction box with the Insteon Wall Switch and cap them with wire nuts.
  2. Install Insteon Wall Switch, attach the wall plate and turn on power.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions in the Insteon app to add Dimmer Switch.

How do you wire a 3 way Insteon switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: Though the load wire isn't needed now you there's multiple configurations that you find as you do threeways switches.

How do I install Insteon Hub?

Setting Up Insteon Hub (2014)

Download and install the Insteon app from your device’s app store. Create an account. When asked to scan the label on the bottom of your Hub, align the QR Code displayed on screen with the QR Code printed on the bottom of the Hub. The Insteon app should find your Hub and complete setup.

How do you reset an Insteon switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: So it kills power to it. You wait about five seconds. Then you want to push and hold in the set. Button.

Do Insteon dimmers work with LED bulbs?

The Insteon 2477D dimmer is officially rated for incandescent lighting only. However we’ve seen many people successfully use Insteon dimmers with LED lighting.

Are Insteon servers down?

In today’s “predictable things that happened before and definitely will happen again”, Insteon, a smart home company boasting the Insteon ecosystem of devices built around their proprietary communication standards, has shut down their servers without a warning.

Does home assistant support Insteon?

The good news is that Home Assistant is able to talk to your Insteon devices via the Insteon hub or modem. You will be able to pair new devices and set up links as you’re used to.

What is an Insteon Hub?

Insteon Hub sets the bar for easy-to-use home automation; control and monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet, create schedules and multi-device scenes, configure alerts from sensors and more.

Why is my Insteon Hub not working?

Check that your internet connection is working by attempting to browse to a website using another device or computer in your home. Try restarting your Insteon Hub by unplugging its power cord. Wait about 30 seconds and then reconnect your Hub to power. Try restarting your router and cable or DSL modem.

How do I fix my Insteon Hub?

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Quote from Youtube video: Hey everyone if you're here I'm going to assume that you have an instan hub that has stopped working way too early seems like these things have about a two year life expectancy.

Why is my Insteon Hub light red?

If your Hub shows a solid red status LED, your Hub is unable to connect to the internet. Confirm that your internet router and cable or DSL modem are connected to power and turned on.

Can I use Insteon without hub?

One option users used to use instead of the Insteon Hub is the Insteon PLM Serial Modem. This provides you with an RJ45 connection to interface with the powerline connectivity of the Insteon system.

Are Insteon dimmers Triac?

Insteon dimmers are “forward phase” dimmers so when dealing with lighting manufacturers, make sure they are compatible with forward phase triac dimming. Get a sample before you fit the whole house with custom lighting.

Why is insteon sold out?

Update, April 22, 2022: Insteon has finally posted a note on its home page to explain why its servers suddenly went offline late last week. Addressed to the “Insteon Community,” the note says pandemic-related supply-chain issues forced the company to seek a buyer in November, 2021.

What is a TRIAC dimmer switch?

TRIAC dimming controls act as a high-speed switch and are used to control the amount of electrical energy passing to a bulb. A ‘trigger’ dictates what point the device starts to conduct the electricity, essentially “chopping up” the voltage waveform, stopping the voltage from being supplied at full load.

How do I program my Insteon switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: And then on the responder you press and hold the set button for approximately three seconds until it blinks quickly now the controller is controlling the responder.

How do I add an Insteon device?

Adding an Insteon Device with the Set Button

  1. Press and hold the set button on the back of Hub Pro until Hub Pro beeps.
  2. Press and hold the set button on your Insteon device until it double beeps or its LED begins blinking. …
  3. Repeat the process in reverse, starting with the new Insteon device.
  4. Navigate to All Devices.

How do you connect a dimmer module?

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Quote from Youtube video: Let me show you how to connect this dimmer switch on your coop. Quickly. You've got your life going in the end to the switch. So the live into the switch. And then your output the return to the light.