How long does a draft inducer motor last?

Furnace inducer motors can have a life expectancy of 12-15 years. A replacement furnace inducer motor can cost around $800.

Why am I not getting power to my inducer motor?

Bad furnace control board

If the inducer motor isn’t getting power, then it could be an issue with the furnace control board. The control board is responsible for turning on and providing power to the inducer motor.

What causes draft inducer motor failure?

Most inducer motors failures are simply attributed to the older age of the furnace. In most cases, the internal bearings wear out and since the unit is a sealed unit, there is no way to repair the original motor. Instead the unit is simply replaced with a new one.

What happens if inducer motor stops working?

If the inducer motor doesn’t turn on when it’s supposed to, the furnace will recognize this and shut down. It will wait a bit and try again. If the motor doesn’t start after 3 to 5 tries, the control board will stop sending voltage to the inducer motor, and essentially locking it out from attempting it anymore.

Can you run a furnace without an inducer motor?

Because the inducer motor helps your furnace run safely, the furnace will usually shut off if the motor won’t turn on. However, a bad inducer motor isn’t the only reason a furnace would shut off. A blocked gas vent flue or faulty pressure switch can have the same effect.

How do you test a draft inducer motor?

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Quote from Youtube video: When we check that we're going to turn that multimeter over to the upside-down horseshoe. And. We read 80 to 85 ohms of resistance.

How do you jump an inducer motor?

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Quote from Youtube video: So by having a jumper from R to W I'm basically bypassing the thermostat. And if I turn my furnace power switch back on. That will start my heating.

How do you fix a draft inducer motor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Some inducers require a flow restricting ring that specifically matches with the output of the furnace. So install the disc if necessary align the new motor and tighten the mounting screws.

How do you bypass an inducer motor?

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Quote from Youtube video: So this is the wrong way to bypass a pressure switch. The right way is to have the inducer motor turn on first and then bypass the pressure switch.

How much does it cost to replace a draft inducer motor?

Your furnace’s draft inducer motor removes toxic gases like carbon monoxide from the heat exchanger. The average cost to repair or replace a draft inducer motor is $200–$1,500.

What does a bad inducer motor sound like?

A failing inducer motor may create a noise shortly after a heating cycle begins. This could be a tapping noise, or a humming or whirring sound. If the unit will turn on but the blower motor is not turning on, there are a couple of ways to check if the draft inducer motor has gone bad.

How much is an inducer motor for a furnace?

A furnace inducer motor replacement costs $400 to $1,100 on average. A furnace inducer motor assembly costs $100 to $500 for the part alone. Draft inducer replacement labor alone costs $300 to $600.

Does a furnace inducer motor have a capacitor?

Bad Capacitor Causing Motor Not to Start Up

One common issue with any blower motor in HVAC systems is a bad capacitor. The capacitor is what helps supply power to the motor when it’s first starting up.

Do inducer motors get hot?

The original inducer was replaced for an unrelated issue, overheating wasn’t an issue. These motors normally run pretty warm/hot, flue gasses are hot “conductive heat” might have something to do with it, is yours overheating? My guess if it were really overheating, it would shutdown on internal thermal protection.

What does pressure switch open with inducer on mean?

Clogged air intake or exhaust

If the air intake or exhaust is clogged with debris, the pressure switch can remain in the OPEN position. This is because blockages prevent the inducer fan from creating negative pressure. A furnace pressure switch stuck open is a common problem for many homeowners.

How do you unstick a pressure switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: You can also tap on it to try to get it to open up if the if it's actually sticking closed. And then you want to just go basically.

How do I know if my pressure switch is bad?

How to Tell if The Pressure Switch is Failing

  1. There is no water and the pump doesn’t turn on at all.
  2. The pump keeps cycling.
  3. The pump is working but the water pressure is weak.

What causes pressure switch failure?

A pressure switch that fails to turn on could be caused by a number of problems, including: Failure of the draft inducer motor. Restricted intake air vent. Restricted combustion air vent.

How do you reset a pressure switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: Until you hear the pump start and continue to hold until the pressure climbs above 20 pounds in your system.