What is the end bearing of the lintel?

Steel Lintels should be installed with a minimum end bearing of 150mm, bedded on mortar and levelled along its length and across its width.

What is the minimum bearing for a concrete lintel?


Lintels generally require a nominal minimum end bearing of 150mm at both ends, meaning the total lintel length is the span of the opening plus 300mm.

Do you need a lintel above a door?

If the building has sufficient support in the door’s location, you may not need to fit more lintels. However, these days they are required as part of today’s building regulations. For all openings using timber frames over a width of 600 mm, and all openings using steel frames over 900 mm, then lintels are needed.

Do lintels need fire protection?

Exposed faces of lintels must be provided with fire protection. Avoid point loads immediately above a lintel unless proven by a structural engineer.

Do concrete lintels need fire protection?

The concrete lintels made from this material have flawless surfaces, are fairfaced in appearance, and do not require separate protective outer coating.

Do I need building regs for a lintel?

Yes, if the alterations are of a structural nature. The insertion of a beam or lintel which affects the structural stability of the building will also require approval.

Why is lintel preferred against arches in some constructions?

arches require more headroom to span the openings like doors, windows etc.