How do you separate lights on the same switch?

3 Answers

  1. Get a 2-gang box to replace your existing 1-gang box.
  2. Get a new switch.
  3. Remove your existing box and install the 2-gang box in its place.
  4. Run your supply hot wire to both switches.
  5. Connect the light/fan hot wire to one switch and the exterior light to the other.
  6. Join all neutrals and ground wires.

Jul 3, 2012

Are upstairs and downstairs the same circuit?

3 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians

Ideally the upstairs circuit and downstairs circuits should be kept separate. You can wire the landing light to work from two positions using the conversion or conventional two way switching methodology.

How do you connect lights between wires?

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Quote from Youtube video: We run another hot wire over to the sealing box and into the light fitting. Next we bring our white and neutral wire in and connect this into our wire nut within the switch box.

Why are my downstairs lights not working?

There could be many reasons why, it could be something simple like your fuse has tripped. It could also be a loose connection in the consumer unit. If you have an old consumer unit with rewireable fuses i would check to make sure it hasnt blown.

How do you separate two lights with two switches?

Run 12-gauge electrical cable between each switch and the light it controls. Pull one end of each cable through the back of one of the light fixture electrical boxes. Strip both ends of each cable with a knife, separate the wires and remove 1/2 inch of insulation from the end of each.

How do you connect two lights to two switches from one power source?

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Quote from Youtube video: So one cable supplying these two switches this is already set up for from a different model for a different power source.

Are all outlets in a house on the same electrical circuit?

The number of outlets on a circuit is usually limited by the local authority with jurisdiction, such as a city, county or state. The electrical wire usually runs from the breaker panel to the closest outlet on the circuit, known as the home-run box. From there, wires run to other outlets on the circuit.

What is a junction box for lighting?

For a lighting circuit use a 20amp junction box and for a ring main or radial circuit use a 30 amp junction box.

What does loop mean on a light switch?

By using the loop at the light method, electricians can loop out to other lights along the same circuit, or even to separate lights which are switched on through other circuit boards. This means that two lights might have the same power supply cable but each of them could have their own individual switch.
Jun 9, 2019

What is it called when two switches control the same light?

In building wiring, multiway switching is the interconnection of two or more electrical switches to control an electrical load from more than one location. A common application is in lighting, where it allows the control of lamps from multiple locations, for example in a hallway, stairwell, or large room.

What type of switches control lights from 2 locations?

Three-Way Switch

Best for: Controlling a light fixture from two different wall locations in the room.
Jun 7, 2022

How do two switches control one light bulb?

Two separate light switches are able to control a single light through the use of special electrical wiring and a three-way switch. A three-way switch connects the two switches and the light together, creating an uninterrupted, but controllable, circuit amongst all components.

How do you set up a two-way light switch diagram?

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Quote from Youtube video: Back we go to our stairwell lighting circuit we have a switch at the bottom of the stairs. And another switch at the top of the stairs. And of course our ceiling light over the middle of the stairs.

What is the difference between two-way and three way switch?

A two-way switch turns lights on or off from one location only. Light can be turned on or off from 2 locations with a three-way switch.

What is the difference between SP switch and two-way switch?

So, whether you should opt for a one-way switch or a two-way switch is entirely your choice and needs. The one-way switch also called the single pole switch is effective in small rooms, and for domestic electrical appliances. And a two-way switch is apt for multi-door large rooms, stairways and long corridors.

What is the purpose of a three way switch?

What is a 3-way switch? A 3-way switch is one that allows you to control a ceiling light (or other electrical fixture) from two separate locations. Common scenarios would be 3-way switches located at both the top and bottom of a stairway, or having 3-way switches next to doors in a room with two entry points.
Feb 1, 2018

How do you use a three way 2 way switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: And just run it all the way down the room. All right so i turned the power off in the main breaker i pulled the faceplate off here. And i've got the wire. Running through the studs.