What is an AquaStop inlet hose?

The inlet hose with AQUASTOP prevents potential flooding of the home due to the water inlet hose breaking. In the event of leaks, a sheath directs the water to a mechanical valve that stops inflow. Any malfunctions are indicated with a red light on the valve. Certifications: WRAS, VDE, IMQ, EN61770.

What is AquaStop on Bosch washing machine?

In the event of a leak in the machine or the hoses, AquaStop kicks in to stop the water. It automatically shuts off the unit and pumps out all the water in the machine if the overflow switch detects water in the base.

How do I fix a leaking inlet hose?

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Quote from Youtube video: If the washer is missing or damaged replace the rubber washer with a new one then reconnect the hose. Be sure to secure the connector firmly lastly turn on the water valve and check for leaks.

What is an AquaStop valve?

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Quote from Youtube video: The AquaStop™ is a smart system that provides water leakage protection, provided that the dishwasher’s mains power is switched on. When a potential leak is detected, the valve immediately cuts off the water supply.

How do I connect my AquaStop?


  1. Connect to your Tap.
  2. Attach your Hose End Connector.
  3. Attach your AquaStop Connector – which stops the water flow when you disconnect your watering accessory.
  4. Finally, connect your chosen watering accessory – Nozzle, Gun or Sprinkler.

What is safety inlet hose?

The Wpro water inlet hose with safety system is equipped with a safety system for the prevention of leaks and overflows. It is suitable for washing machines, washing dryers and diswashers.

How does AquaStop leak protection work?

Total AquaStop – perfect water protection

Prevent water overflow. high-end models feature a special sensor installed at the bottom of the washing machine. In case of a leak, the sensor will immediately shut off the inlet pipe electric valve to cut off the supply of water into the appliance.

What is the difference between Bosch AquaStop and AquaSecure?

Thanks for the question regarding our Bosch WAW28441 and WAW28460AU washing machines. The difference between these two washing machine is that WAW28441 has the AquaStop anti-flood protect… Read more. The WAW28460AU has the AquaSecure anti-flood protection system.

Do all Bosch dishwashers have AquaStop?

For added security and safety, all Bosch dishwashers have an AquaStop™ Plus device that cuts off the water supply directly at the tap outlet in case of leaks. Unlike other anti-flood devices, the AquaStop™ Plus operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provided the dishwasher is switched on at the mains.

How does a water stop hose connector work?

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Quote from Youtube video: A hose connector with stop valve allows fast and convenient connection. And change of accessories without turning off the tap on disconnecting. The water stops automatically.

What is Siemens AquaStop?

Siemens washing machines and dishwashers with an AquaStop have a Lifetime AquaStop Warranty to protect against water damage caused by a defective AquaStop system.

How does anti flood hose work?

Anti-flood system stops water instantly at the tap if a burst hose or leak is detected, preventing excessive water usage saving you water and money.

How does a hose lock work?

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Quote from Youtube video: With no screw threads on this allows you to push the tap connector on to the spout. And tighten this wing clip. So that the tap connector is secured to the tap spout.

How do I connect my hose to my Karcher?

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Quote from Youtube video: I'm just going to quickly show you how to connect your Karcher pressure washer to your garden water tap ready to be used make sure your garden tap has a thread you'll need this tap connector brass

Why is my Karcher pressure washer leaking?

Water leakage can be caused by worn, old, or cracked seals. This can be caused by a number of different things, but the most common is allowing water inside the pump to freeze. If the unit has been in storage check all seals before using the unit. Replace any worn parts.

Does a pressure washer need to be connected to a hose?

It is possible to use a pressure washer without connecting it to an outside tap if the water source has enough pressure to feed water to the pressure washer pump. Or if you have a pressure washer that has its own supply, or can pump up the water from an external source.

Can you use a Karcher pressure washer without a hose?

Pressure Washer’s are commonly connected to a running tap via a hose; however they can also draw water from sources such as a rain water tanks & garden bucket with the same performance. So this means you don’t have to miss out on using your Kärcher summer!

Will a pressure washer siphon water?

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Quote from Youtube video: Doesn't work why is that here's the reason why these are not designed to suck water from. One place and put it to one another they're designed to take an incoming water flow.

How long can you run a pressure washer?

You should not run a pressure washer (except professional equipment) for more than five minutes. While the duration may vary from model to model, it should be between 3 and 5 minutes. Leaving your pressure washer running for more than five minutes can result in overheating.