Are baseboards worth replacing?

Designed to hide the seam where wall meets floor, baseboards give any room a finished look. If your trim is showing wear and tear, painting is always an option, but the prep work is important and can be time-intensive. Replacement is your best option if they’re water-damaged, stained or warped.

Can you replace trim in house?

The replacing of trim and baseboards is quick and easy. The steps you take to complete the new look for your home has been made easier by the use of a nail gun and pre-primed boards for trim.

What is the best material for interior trim?

Hardwoods make the best trim. They resist warping and cracking and can be stained to a beautiful finish. It is usually best to apply the stain before installing the piece, and then to touch up the cut edges and apply the final finish. Pine has long been the most common trim material.

Does door trim and baseboards have to match?

MYTH: Everything should match

Similarly, door casings and doors don’t have to match. Having a light casing and baseboard contrast a dark door achieves a very modern look. Still, keep in mind that choosing colours that are simple will make it easier to change wall colours in time, if desired.

How much does it cost to replace baseboards in a house?

When you consider materials and labor, it typically costs $5.70 to $8.95 per linear foot to install baseboards. If you need your existing baseboards removed, expect to add another $50 to $100 per hour in labor costs. For a home with a 144-foot perimeter, the average cost to replace baseboards is $1,280.

What kind of baseboards are in style?

See which baseboard options go best with these six popular design trends:

  • Bohemian Baseboards are Ornate and Curved. …
  • Keep it Simple for the Modern Farmhouse. …
  • New Traditional Style Homes Call for Bold Baseboard Moulding Styles. …
  • Curved Baseboards for Shabby Chic Rooms.

How much does it cost to replace molding in a house?

Average Trim Costs

The national average cost of installing trim in a house is $1,313, with a typical range between $607 and $2,065. The cost at the low end is $200, and the high-end cost is $5,200. Trim and molding are woodwork elements that embellish a home’s floors, walls, and ceilings.

Does molding increase home value?

Crown Molding can lead to increased home value and a positive ROI depending on how much you have invested in the project. Many homeowners want easy projects that will increase their resale price, and you can do that by adding crown molding.

Do flooring companies replace baseboards?

Many flooring companies install baseboards as well as flooring. Since flooring companies often have the same tools necessary for removing baseboards safely without damaging them as they do for putting down the flooring itself, they are usually a better bet for removing and replacing baseboards than the homeowners.

Does all the trim in a house have to match?

Everything really does not have to match. If you have been following interior design trends, this is less important than it has ever been. Interior designers use the derogatory term “matchy-matchy” to describe a space that is perfectly and painfully matched.

Can you have different baseboards in house?

Should baseboards look like the other molding in the room? Dixon says there are many arcane rules behind choosing and installing molding. In general, however, the design should tie in with the room’s other trim. “All the trim should be part of the same family, with similar detail and proportions,” he says.

What color is best for baseboards?


And many design experts consider white the perfect color for any trim, regardless of interior style or wall color. With dark walls, white trim lightens and brightens the room while making the wall color really “pop.” And when walls are painted light or muted colors, white trim makes the color appear crisp and clean.

Can you put new baseboards over old ones?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: You don't have to rip out all the baseboard you already have all you need is some quarter-inch wood trim paint nails.

How do you replace baseboards in a house?

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Quote from Youtube video: Any stray nails from the wall using a hammer or pliers. Keep in mind sometimes it's easier to just tap the nail back into the wall then scrape off any old caulk using a blade or putty knife.

How much does it cost to install baseboard and shoe molding?

$7.75 Per Foot Installed

The average cost of a floor and baseboard molding job done by a contractor is between $5.75 to $9.00 per linear foot. On average, materials cost between $1.35-$4.50 per linear foot, but premium hardwood can cost more. The overall cost for a 20×20 room is between $450-$700 for pro installation.

How long does it take to trim a house?

Trim installation can take between 1-3 days. If you have crown molding or chair rail going in it can take a bit longer. Don’t let a trim carpenter drag out the job.

How much should I pay to have crown molding installed?

To have a professional install crown molding, expect to pay between $4 and $15 per linear foot for materials and labor. A single room costs anywhere from $300 to $800, while a whole house installation costs between $3,200 and $12,000.

How much does it cost to install interior trim?

How much does trim installation cost? The average total cost of trim installation projects ranges from $350 to $570 nationwide, and trim installation costs per linear foot can range from $4.50 to $6 for installation and painting of simple baseboards, chair rails and crown molding.

How much does it cost to install and paint baseboards?

A typical baseboard installation with paint should cost approximately $3.50 per linear foot and around $3.25 per linear foot without paint. For the average 10 x 10 foot room, it should cost around $500 for the baseboards and any additional trim for one window and one door.

Is installing baseboards hard?

While the installation of the baseboard trim itself isn’t hard, the cutting and measuring of the angles can be a bit tricky. The process is similar to installing crown moulding. A homeowner can easily learn how to install baseboards with this easy-to-follow project guide.