Stain the Deck Boards

  1. Stain the deck boards using a paint pad applicator attached to a pole, or a pole-equipped roller. …
  2. Apply one coat of stain in long, even strokes. …
  3. Use a paint brush to stain between cracks and in any problem areas.
  4. Once you’re finished, clean the brushes and paint tray.

What are the steps to staining a deck?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: At between deck boards for even application do not apply stain too heavily for best results apply two thin coats. If you have to take a break avoid lap marks by applying stain end-to-end.

What is the best way to prep a deck for staining?

How-To Prepare a Deck for Staining

  1. Thoroughly sweep the deck to remove all leaves and other debris.
  2. Liberally apply cleaner using a roller or pump sprayer (wear protective equipment to avoid contact with skin and eyes). …
  3. After 15 minutes, work the cleaner into the surface using a stiff synthetic-bristle brush.

Is it better to brush or roll stain on a deck?

The agitation and friction caused by a paint brush will cause the wood to absorb more stain. So if you are spraying or rolling the stain, always back-brush it in with a brush while the stain is still wet; you’ll achieve much better penetration in to the wood.

How many coats of stain should you put on a deck?

How Many Coats of Deck Stain Should You Apply? Two. While some products require you only to use one coat (always read the manufacturer’s directions), the vast majority of experts recommend applying two coats. Two coats are better than one.

Should I sand my deck before staining?

Sand the Deck

If you plan to stain the deck, sand the surface before application to make the wood better absorb the coating. Use an orbital sander to remove any old gloss and smooth out any rough areas on decking boards. You may need to use a sanding sponge on the railings or balustrades.

Do you seal a deck after staining?

Most of the time, stains also contain a protective sealant. It’s a good idea, though, to re-seal your deck (or check that it needs to be re-sealed) once a year. Water-based stains can adhere to water or oil-based coatings already present on the wooden surface. Water-based stains can be cleaned up with water.

Should I pressure wash my deck before staining?

There is a common misconception that just pressure washing a deck prior to staining is all you need to do in order to prep your deck for stain. Pressure washing can help, but if you want your stain to last, using a good deck cleaner and brightener on the deck prior to pressure washing will provide you the best result.

Should I use deck cleaner before staining?

In short, yes. We highly recommend using a deck cleaner when prepping your deck for a new coat of deck stain. We’d also recommend using a deck brightener before staining your deck, though this step isn’t required.

What do you clean wood with before staining?

Cleaning wood with mineral spirits before staining is a common practice. Mineral spirits make an excellent cleaning agent for wood, especially when preparing to finish it by staining or painting. After you have sanded the wood, soak a cloth in mineral spirits. Then wipe down your dusty surface, and you are good to go.

What if it rains after I stain my deck?

If it rains within 48 hours after you apply the stain, the water will soak into the wood pores and try to displace the stain. This will result in a splotchy surface rather than an even tone. If it rains right after you apply the stain, the stain will peel and flake off.

What happens if you apply second coat of stain too soon?

If you apply a second, unnecessary coat of stain to wood that is already adequately covered, you risk creating a tacky surface that is prone to early peeling because the second coat is not penetrating the wood surface, but simply laying on top of the first coat of stain.

Can I apply a second coat of deck stain a week later?

Can I Apply a Second Coat of Stain a Week Later? No, applying a second coat of stain a week later is a bad idea. If you apply another coat of wood stain after a week, it will not adhere to the wood properly. As a result, any finish you use on top will experience adhesion problems and peel off.

How long should you wait to walk on a deck after staining?

Keep off Newly Painted or Stained Deck

In average conditions, your paint or stain will be dry to the touch within 1-2 hours, but you should not walk on it for probably 4-6 hours. In cooler weather or during periods of high humidity, you will need to wait even longer than this.

How long do I need to wait after washing my deck to stain it?

The short answer is 48 hours. You should wait at least two days after pressure washing your deck before you consider staining it, to give time for it to dry.

Wood Deck Staining Overview

  1. Apply Deck Cleaner.
  2. Pressure Wash to Remove Dirt and Soap.
  3. Allow Deck to Dry.
  4. Apply Sealant or Stain.
  5. Allow Deck to Dry for 24 to 48 Hours.

How long does deck stain need to dry before rain?

While latex or water-based stain will be dry in about 4 to 6 hours, your freshly stained deck needs at least 24-48 hours before it rains. Oil-based stains that usually dry in about 12 to 24 hours will require a minimum of 48 hours before the rain.

What temperature is best to stain a deck?

Avoid the Cold

If you’re staining your deck in the spring or fall, wait for a day with highs above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, make sure freezing temperatures aren’t in the forecast for that night. If it drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit before the stain has thoroughly dried, it can hinder the curing process.

Can you stain a deck at night?

Applying a deck stain in direct sun will cause the stain to dry to quickly and can result in premature stain failure. In the summer, stain your deck in the morning or evening so the deck surface isn’t too hot. Remember, the surface temperature of the deck can be much hotter than the air temperature.

Can you stain a deck over multiple days?

Ultimately you want two set aside at least two days. If you need to power wash your deck or replace any boards it may take you an extra day or two. It is ideal to stain your deck in a season that experiences mild temperatures. Extreme heat or sun can work against you when you are staining your deck.

How long should I wait between coats of stain?

You should let stain dry for at least 1 hour between coats.

Generally, an existing stain coating requires between 1 and 8 hours to dry before another coat is applied. The main factor that determines how long to wait between coats is the base of the stain.