What can you use instead of lime for render?

The lime in cement-lime plasters can be successfully replaced by the liquid mortar plasticisers DOMOLIT (dark coloured), or DOMOLIT-TR (transparent), which provide cement mortars with all the advantages of lime but without any of its disadvantages. Therefore: Increase bonding of the fresh mortar to the substrate.

Is there an alternative to lime plaster?

Cement render is usually a cheaper alternative to Lime or Polymer renders. The rigidity of cement render usually limits it’s application to older buildings, where flexibility of finish is usually required to overcome structural movement.

Is lime render breathable?

Lime renders are eco-friendly as they absorb CO2 out of the atmosphere while curing. When fully cured, the lime render sets back to a lime stone like state and provides a very durable finish. They are also the most breathable type of render allowing moisture to escape.

Is lime plaster breathable?

Lime plaster is a ‘breathable material’, meaning air can pass through it, unlike denser cement, or polymer-based renders and plasters. This means that when moisture forms it can escape — so no damp issues to worry about.

Is sand and cement render breathable?

Finally, sand and cement render is not breathable. It can drastically decrease the rate of evaporation on walls it has been applied to. This means that the wall will dry out more slowly and, in the event of a future damp-proof course failure, rising damp may return at a height above where it was before.

Can I use plasticiser instead of lime in render?

A lot of renderers don’t use it and prefer to use plasticiser which puts lots of bubbles into the mix which is a good thing but the lime is better as we demonstrate in this video. Roger also discusses the best weather for rendering.

What plaster is breathable?

Limelite Renovating Plaster is breathable, allowing moisture to be released. A quick-drying renovating plaster, it dries quickly.

Why is lime plaster no longer commonly used?

The promotion of modern gypsum-based plasters has led to the almost complete demise of lime plastering, and of many of the traditional skills associated with the craft. This has been exacerbated by the plastering trade being divided into flat and decorative work, with new ‘fibrous plasterwork’ being made in workshops.

Is a mist coat breathable?

With all our paints, water thin by 20% to act as the mist coat onto bare plaster. If you’re painting lime plaster, it’s once again the best choice, as it is both fully breathable and emission-free, meaning there’s no risk of a reaction between the chemicals in the paint and the drying plaster.

Is Monocouche render breathable?

Monocouche is dry powdered render which has a coloured pigment and provides reasonable breathability.

Is K render better than sand and cement?

We use K Rend and we find it to be a more superior product to sand and cement render. The main benefit of using it is that it is maintenance free once done. I done my house 9 years ago with it and it still looks as good as new.

What is breathable render?

craig • Mar 27, 2009. Jubizol MP is a Breathable Render System which incorporates a Silicate Render. Silicate Render helps to reduce the risk of damp and condensation by allowing the existing structure to breathe.

Is silicone render breathable?

Silicone silicate render is been a very popular through-coloured, polymer-modified, topcoat render. This coloured render is breathable, flexible, hydrophobic and self-cleaning and made from a similar technology as the acrylic render but enhanced to provide all of the additional benefits.

What can I use instead of render?

Similar to render are roughcast and pebbledash. These are coatings where render is reinforced with pebbles, gravel or even shells, to create a hardwearing layer over the home. This is often seen on coastal homes as it stands up to the elements.

Is modern render breathable?

It is breathable so prevents problems with moisture getting trapped within the wall — a common problem where cement renders are applied to old walls. It looks very attractive and enhances the exterior of period homes in particular — though it does require regular coating with lime wash.

Is white cement breathable?

The white cement putty itself will not come or “De-Bond” due to moisture, but the paint, which forms a non-breathable layer will always peel off. No matter what the surface is i.e. White Cement Putty or regular putty or POP, it wont matter.

What is the best house render?

Silicone. Silicone external renders have gained the most popularity in recent years since it offers so much more than the more traditional solutions. It is a silicone resin-based render, which has been mixed with silicone to provide much better performance and durability.