How do you finish a concrete staircase?


  1. Spread the concrete. Use a square shovel or a come-along tool to push and pull the wet concrete into place.
  2. Screed the concrete. During this step remove excess concrete and bring the surface of the concrete to proper grade. …
  3. Float the surface. …
  4. Edge the slab. …
  5. Groove in joints. …
  6. Trowel the surface.

What should I put on my concrete stairs?

For a basic solution to drab concrete stairs, paint them. Epoxy-based paints are available for covering concrete in one coat. The clear sealant prevents oil or latex paint from soaking into the concrete. Apply the sealant first and allow it to dry completely before adding your favorite color to the stairs.

What do you paint concrete stairs with?

Masonry paint, also called elastomeric paint, is a good choice for concrete steps because it contains binders that contract and expand with the concrete. Other types of paint can crack and peel on concrete. Make sure the concrete is very dry before you paint.

How do you make concrete steps pretty?

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Quote from Youtube video: But you don't have to sacrifice strength. Either now anytime you're trying to adhere old concrete to new concrete you want to use a concrete bonding adhesive. This basically just helps the adhesion.

What are the different types of concrete finishes?

It’s Not Finished Until It’s Finished. Here Are 7 Kinds of Concrete Finishes You See In The Construction Industry.

  • Concrete Basics. …
  • Troweled Finish. …
  • Broom Finish. …
  • Exposed Aggregate Finish. …
  • Salt Finish. …
  • Stamped Concrete Finish. …
  • Stained Concrete. …
  • Polished Concrete.

How do you make concrete smooth and shiny?

If the concrete floor is sloped, self leveling cement can be applied to make the surface even. Ardex or other similar self leveling cementitous mixes can be applied and poured on to the surface and then ground afterwords just like regular concrete to get a smooth shine.

What can I cover concrete with?

Cover Your Concrete Patio – Ideas

  • Inexpensive Concrete Cover Up Idea with Paint. …
  • Fake A Concrete Patio Cover Up With Stain. …
  • How to Cover Your Patio with Paint and Make It look Like Tile. …
  • Use Pavers to Cover Your Concrete Patio. …
  • Use Tile To Cover a Concrete Patio. …
  • Concrete Patio Idea – Cover Up with a Deck!

How do you make concrete stairs safer?

HandiTreads Non-Slip Nosings are the best safety solution for a concrete stairway that is chipping or cracking, especially along the front edge of the steps. Because the aluminum nosings wrap around the edge of the concrete tread, they protect it from further deterioration while also stabilizing the entire step.

Can you carpet concrete stairs?

Can you carpet concrete stairs? Yes, carpets can add warmth and attractive looks to dull looking concrete. They can also make the stairs safer as smooth bare concrete can cause slips that cause injury.

How do you seal concrete steps?

Here’s a step-by-step summary of how to seal concrete:

  1. Remove all oil, grease, stains, dirt, and dust from the concrete.
  2. Strip any existing sealer from the surface.
  3. Open up the concrete with an etching solution.
  4. Apply a thin coat of sealer using a roller or sprayer.
  5. Wait for the first layer of sealer to dry.

How do you make old concrete steps look new?

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Quote from Youtube video: Will in here. And here we are rubbing cleaning making sure that we have a nice clean base is having before just after cleaning and sweeping chipping apply water to dampen the base.

What type of paint is good for concrete?


Epoxy-based paints provide high durability and stain resistance, making them ideal for garage or patio floors. Masonry paints are designed for brick and other masonry applications, but also provide effective coatings for concrete.

What is the most durable concrete finish?


Epoxy is the most durable concrete finish and can be poured into cracks and crevices to help level the surface. But epoxy also is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to create unique hues and designs on your floor so you can even make a concrete floor look pretty.

Is smooth finish concrete slippery?

The look of smooth finish concrete is lovely- but due to the lack of traction, it can be very slippery when wet, and is therefore not recommended for pool decks and most driveways. Smooth finish concrete is often used for driveway borders or in-between concrete sections as an accent.

What concrete has a smooth finish?

QUIKRETE® Architectural Finish (No. 1220-55) is a polymer modified, Portland cement based repair material designed to provide a smooth finish to tilt-up wall panels, precast or poured concrete, and masonry surfaces. Available in: 40 lb.

Is trowel finish concrete slippery?

Trowel-finished concrete floors are slip-resistant

The trowel-finished concrete floor’s particular rough texture and high-adhesion make it a slip-resistant surface. For this reason the trowel concrete floor is ideal for outdoor applications such as pooldecks and walkways.

What does broom finish concrete mean?

Broom Finish concrete is concrete finished by dragging a horsehair broom, or something similar, over its wet surface. Brushing the concrete makes for a textured surface with small, but noticeable grooves. Broom Finish concrete has been the preferred utilitarian texture for exterior concrete for decades.

Do you have to broom finish concrete?

Sometimes called brushed concrete, a broom is used to create a slip-resistant texture on the surface of the concrete. Concrete finishers have been broom finishing for about as long as there has been concrete. Broom finished thin overlays add skid resistance and upgrade a deteriorating concrete surface.

How do I get a smooth finish on concrete?

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Quote from Youtube video: You always want to float the concrete. First this will help level it a little better help smooth it a little better. And it just makes the whole process go a little easier. So this is the second pass.

How do you get a brushed finish on concrete?

A brushed finish is obtained by pulling a brush over the surface of the fresh concrete, after the surface has been levelled. The type of finish obtained will depend upon the coarseness of the brush bristles and the length and shape of the tufts.