How do you split a light with two switches?

3 Answers

  1. Get a 2-gang box to replace your existing 1-gang box.
  2. Get a new switch.
  3. Remove your existing box and install the 2-gang box in its place.
  4. Run your supply hot wire to both switches.
  5. Connect the light/fan hot wire to one switch and the exterior light to the other.
  6. Join all neutrals and ground wires.

Can I daisy-chain LED recessed lights?

Remember that you must run one ultra-thin extension cable (or run of low voltage wire) for each light. You can not daisy chain multiple lights together.

Should recessed lights be wired in series or parallel?


Wiring in series reduces the voltage of each light. For example, if you have four lights rated for 12 volts, they will need to be wired in parallel to receive the full 12 volts. But, if you have four lights rated for 3 volts, you can wire them in series and connect them to a 12-volt source.

How many lights can you daisy-chain?

There is no limit to the number of lights on a circuit. The load of the fixtures is what determines how many lights a circuit can accommodate. A conventional 15A circuit can have up to 1400W of lighting loads connected to it. A 1400 Watts lighting load can accommodate one 1400W fixture or fourteen 100W fixtures.

How do you wire a ceiling light with two switches?

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Quote from Youtube video: Back we go to our stairwell lighting circuit we have a switch at the bottom of the stairs. And another switch at the top of the stairs. And of course our ceiling light over the middle of the stairs.

Can a light have two switches?

A light or lights can be controlled by more than one switch. The usual practice in home construction is to use 3-way switches. “3-way” is the electrician’s designation for a single pole double throw (SPDT) switch. The switches must create a complete circuit for current to flow and the bulb to light.

How do you wire multiple LED recessed lights?

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Quote from Youtube video: In i'm opening these two latch here with my hand. Okay one and two. Okay and i just insert. It inside this hole okay you're ready to push it it's really tricky but you see what i'm doing here.

How do you wire multiple recessed lights?

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Quote from Youtube video: Go ahead and take the switch off unscrew. It cut the cables strip them now grab your dimmer switch wire not your connectors and Grahm the greens to the box put it all together and give it a test.

How do you install recessed lights in series?

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Quote from Youtube video: Off strip the wire twist them together and make a nice tight connection. We will add the wire nut. And the connection will not come apart.

What is a looping terminal?

The ‘loop’ terminal is an insulated terminal that is not connected to anything and is longer in depth than the other terminals because it is designed to connect more than 2 wires together. The ‘loop’ terminal’s purpose is to join wires together which avoids having to use ‘splices’ or ‘pigtales’.

What is double pole double throw switch?

What is a DPDT Switch? A Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) switch consists of six terminals, two of which are independent input terminals. Each of the poles can complete two different circuits. In other words, each input terminal connects with two output terminals, and all four output terminals are separate.

What is a double pole switch?

What is a double pole switch? Double pole switches are connected to two separate electric circuits. They essentially contain 2 switches which are linked together and can complete the circuit either simultaneously or staggered.

When should you use a double pole switch?

A double pole switch can be used to control light and a fan or 2 lights on separate circuits. It is easy to wire a double pole switch to work as a single pole switch because only one side is used instead of both.

How do you wire two double pole switches?

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Quote from Youtube video: This wire right in the center and he's bringing the electric. From the service panel into this switch. And this will operate the light and then he connected it right to this other switch.

What does a double pole switch look like?

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Quote from Youtube video: They typically have two terminals on the back. A single thrill double pole switch is used to control two different applications one at a time you could switch between two fans for instance.

What is the difference between a 1 pole and 2 pole switch?

The pole of a switch refers to the number of separate circuits that the switch can control. Single pole switches control just one circuit whereas a double pole switch can control two circuits. So a double pole switch is almost like having two single pole switches, controlled by the same switch.

What is a triple pole switch?

Three pole or three-way switches are used to control one or more lights or fixtures from multiple locations, such as the top and bottom of a flight of stairs. Single pole and three pole switches look the same when installed but are used for different purposes.