You may need building regulation approval to cover work on your home both internally and externally. Planning Permissions are more about the external appearance of the building and making sure any landscaping considerations are in keeping with the local environment.

How big can a building be without planning permission UK?

You can build a garage or outbuilding on your property without planning permission as long as it’s of a reasonable size – no higher than 4 metres. Do bear in mind though that outbuildings cannot take up more than half of the land around the original property.

Do I need planning permission or building regs?

For many types of building work, both planning permission and building regulations approval is needed. You will need to be apply for them separately. There may be instances where building work will require buildings regulations approval, but not planning permission.

How long does a building have to be up without planning permission?

By law, a planning permission may expire after a certain period of time that is usually set out in the planning condition. Unless a planning permission says otherwise, the applicant has three years from the date of it being granted to begin development.

Do you need building regs after planning permission?

Could I need Building Regulations AND Planning Permission? Yes. In most, but not all cases, a proposed development could require both planning permission and building regulation approval.

What happens if you build something without planning permission?

If you build without planning permission, you may not be breaking any rules. However, if there is a planning breach, you may have to submit a retrospective application or even appeal against an enforcement notice.

How much does it cost to get planning permission UK?

Planning application fees
Applying for detailed or full planning permission for a new house or a conversion in England is currently £462. For outline applications, it’s £462 per 0.1 hectares. Householder applications, needed for extensions and garden buildings, are £206.

What is the difference between building regs and planning?

Put simply, planning permission deals with the appearance of the proposal and the effect it will have on neighbouring properties and the general environment while Building Regulations/Building Control Approval deals with the technical and constructional details of building works to ensure the health and safety of

What happens if I don’t get building regs?

If you fail to comply with building regulations, we’ll serve you with an enforcement notice and take legal action.

What is the 4 year rule?

The ‘4 Year Rule’ allows you to make a formal application for a certificate to determine whether your unauthorised use or development can become lawful through the passage of time — rather than compliance with space standards — and can continue without the need for planning permission.

Can I buy a house with an extension and no planning permission?

Buying a house without planning permission for an extension
As a general rule, if the work was done more than 4 years ago – you’re fine, as permission can’t be enforced beyond then. If it’s been less than 4 years, in many instances it is reasonable to ask the seller to take out indemnity insurance on your behalf.

What reasons can planning permission be refused?

What is a valid objection to a planning application

  • Loss of light or overshadowing.
  • Overlooking/loss of privacy.
  • Visual amenity (but not loss of private view)
  • Adequacy of parking/loading/turning.
  • Highway safety.
  • Traffic generation.
  • Noise and disturbance resulting from use.
  • Hazardous materials.

What are grounds for objecting to planning permission?

There are lots of valid objections to planning applications, called “material planning considerations”. These include: Loss of light or overshadowing (this isn’t just a high wall – it means loss of light to the extent that you don’t get enough natural daylight to see by). Overlooking/loss of privacy.

Can planning permission be refused if Neighbours object?

If planning permission is required – where your extension plans fall outside permitted development rules, or you don’t benefit from permitted development rights – your neighbour can submit a formal objection to your proposals.

Can my Neighbour build an extension without planning permission?

The recent relaxation of permitted developments means that homeowners are now able to add extensions without needing planning permissions. You can add a home extension or conservatory up to six metres, or eight metres if your home is detached, without needing to apply for planning permission.

Can my Neighbour build right to my boundary?

In general, your neighbour only has the right to build up to the boundary line (line of junction) between the two properties but there are circumstances when they can legitimately build on your land. You can give consent for them to build a new party wall and foundations on your land.

How far can you extend without planning permission 2022?


Terraced & Semi Detached House Extension Rules 2022
Under permitted development for a terrace or semi-detached home, you have the rights to extend by up to 3m without the need for planning permission!