What is the valley on a roof called?

A roof valley is formed where two roof slopes meet. Water collects in a valley to flow off the roof. Your choice of valley installation method is critical because, when improperly installed, valleys are risks for serious leaks.

What is a California valley roof?

California-Cut Valley

It’s sometimes called a “California-cut” valley. With the California-cut valley, shingles from the smaller roof slope are installed across the valley onto the adjacent slope. A valley shingle is then installed parallel to the centerline and offset a couple of inches.

How do you roof a valley?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: Press the shingles into the valley. And nail them in place. Make sure that you press the shingles far enough into the valley to prevent bridging.

What is a closed cut valley on a roof?

In the closed valley method, the shingles are installed onto the roof. This essentially extends the asphalt shingles through the valley so the roof surface covers or closes the valley area, hence the name. The shingles completely cover the underlayment, and they become the valley lining itself.

What is it called where two roofs meet?

Roof Ridge: The roof ridge, or ridge of a roof is the horizontal line running the length of the roof where the two roof planes meet. This intersection creates the highest point on a roof, sometimes referred to as the peak. Hip and ridge shingles are specifically designed for this part of a roof.

What is a roof Gulley?

Roof valleys and gullies are an integral part of your roof. These are channels running up and down the angles and “folds” of your roof. Unless you have a very simple roof design, you’re likely to have at least one roof gully or valley on your roof.

What is a fascia roof?

The fascia is the attractive board along the side of the overhang and the roof that helps your roof appear finished. Your gutter sits atop the facia board. The fascia is also known as a “transition trim” between the home and the roofline. The fascia supports the shingles and helps to keep moisture out.

What is valley gutter?

A valley gutter can be defined as the area where two main roofs meet or a change in the roof’s direction. Often found between adjoining, pitched-roofed houses and warehouse buildings, valley gutters are common across the UK. Valley gutter system can take several forms.

What is a roof dormer?

dormer, in architecture, a vertical window that projects from a sloping roof and usually illuminates a bedroom. The term derives from the Latin dormitorium, “sleeping room.” Dormers are set either on the face of the wall or high upon the roof, and their roofs may be gabled, hipped, flat, or with one slope.

What are the roof parts called?

Ridge: This is the top or peak of the roof, where two roof planes meet. Valley: This is where two pitched roof faces connect and project inward. They are always at a lower slope than the adjoining roof planes. Dormer: This is a roof feature that projects out from the roof face.

What is a roof apex?

An apex roof has two slopes, which both meet in the middle – the highest point of the roof. Having the two slopes makes it easy for water to run straight off the roof, meaning less chance of water damage. A pent roof has one sloping side only.

What are eaves and gables?

Eaves: The eaves are the lower edges of the roof that overhang the home’s exterior walls. The diagram above also has an eave on the opposite side of the home in the same place. Gable: The A-shaped side wall of the home that forms the peak of the roof is called the Gable.

What is the roof overhang called?

house eaves

What Is a Soffit? Your roof by necessity, will often times extend over the walls of your home. This overhang can go by a few names, such as the house eaves or the rafters of your roof. The underside of this overhang, when given a finished appearance, is known as the soffit, which means “something fixed underneath”.

What is the triangular part of a roof called?


Gable. This is one of the most often used roof shapes. It’s likely you have at least one of these on your home, shed or garage. The gable refers to the classic triangular wall shape where 2 sloping roof sides meet at a peak.

What is the difference between fascia and eaves?

Eaves—The lower edge of a roof (often overhanging beyond the edge of the house). Fascia—A decorative board extending down from the roof edge either at the eave or at the rake. Felt—The bituminous paper used by roofers, usually made of a combination of asphalt and either paper or rags.

What is soffit and eaves?

Eaves and soffits are often composed of different materials. Eaves are usually made of wood and then covered with roofing material. Soffit materials coordinate with siding and fascia boards on the exterior walls, and generally follow the aesthetics of the residence.

What are the parts of an eave called?

The eaves consist of two main parts: soffits and fascia boards. If you were to stand directly under your eaves and look up, what you’d see is the soffit. The soffit goes beneath the overhang and therefore lays parallel to your porch and yard.