If it’s for electrical it’s a bus bar plate.

What are the metal bars with holes called?

The most common shapes are round bar (also called rod), rectangular bar (including square bar, the special case of equal sides), and hexagonal bar (usually called hex bar for short). Tube and pipe are similar, but have hollow centers and are traditionally not called “bar” in industrial usage.

How is Barstock made?

Bar stock is commonly processed by a sequence of sawing, turning, milling, drilling and grinding to produce a final product, often vastly different from the original stock. In some cases, the process is partially automated by specialized equipment which feeds the stock into the appropriate processing machine.

What type of steel is bar stock?

Stainless steel bar stock is a standard type of steel material that is manufactured from stainless steel raw materials. It is regularly used to produce a wide variety of metal parts, products and components.

Why is it called a spud bar?

Ice spuds. Fishing through holes in ice is common in many parts of the world. One of the earliest methods of cutting these holes was to use an ice chisel, or “spud bar” as it is known in the United States.

What is a spud bar used for?

A spud bar has a chisel at one end that is intended for removing material through a chipping or shaving action. In the British Isles these typically have a narrow, unsharpened chisel point at one end and a point at the other end, with diameters up to about 1.5 in (4 cm).

What is a stock bar?

A stock bar chart is one of several types that investors use to visually analyze stock prices. A bar chart consists of a horizontal series of vertical lines, or bars, that each show a stock’s range of prices for a certain time period.

What is a billet steel?

Billet metal is a solid length (often in a square or circle profile) of material that has been extruded into shape, either by continuous casting or hot rolling. Billet material is often used in cnc machining.

What is steel round bar?

Round Bar is a long, cylindrical metal bar stock that has many industrial and commercial applications. The most common application is shafts. The product is typically measured by taking its diameter. Standard diameters range from 1/4″ all the way up to 24″.

What is a San Angelo bar?

The San Angelo Digging Bar is used for digging and prying of dirt and large rocks. Manufactured from tempered steel for maximum strength and durability. The pencil point bar works in the toughest conditions.

What is a San Angelo bar used for?

\n The DEWALT® San Angelo Bar is the tool of choice for breaking up concrete and stone prying heavy material, digging into difficult soil to cut tree roots and obstacles, and digging fence post holes.

What is a hop bar?

If a person bar-hops, they go from one bar to another having drinks in each one.

What is a tamping bar?

Definition of tamping bar

: a long-handled metal bar with a wide flat head for tamping the ballast under railroad ties.

What is a pinch point bar?

A pinch bar is a tool used for prying, moving, rolling, or lifting heavy objects. This tool, which is also known as a pinch point bar or pinch point crow bar, allows users to move a heavy object by hand instead of relying on a piece of heavy equipment.

What is tamper bar or digging bar?

Tamper Bar

Designed to dig post holes and tamp the ground around them. Typically used along with another digging bar like a post-hole digger.

How do you use a post hole dig bar?

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Quote from Youtube video: The main thing with digging these post holes is that if you live like where I you and there's rock in the soil. You're gonna have to break some of that up. So if I take my post hole digger right here.

What is an iron crow?

Unfortunately, the crowbar is another one of those tools like the hammer and the screwdriver whose origins are lost to history. It’s impossible to say who was the first person to invent one, but the crowbar was in the public consciousness prior to the early 1400s where they were referred to as crows or iron crows.

How do you use a post hole tamper?

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Quote from Youtube video: Because you need to pack it in lifts you need to bring it up in certain amounts and we usually try to go about like four to six inches at a time layers we put in like a trifle think of like a trifle.

What is a tamper tool?

What Is a Tamper Tool? Tampers are manually operated or power compaction tools. They increase the density and levelness of soil, gravel, sand and other materials by applying force to the material’s surface. This force can be delivered by hand or via a gas-burning engine.