Escutcheon: This refers to any plate, including trim and handleset plates, that surrounds a keyhole or lock. It protects the lock cylinder from being drilled out, providing you with additional security, and protects the surrounding area from being scratched by a key.

What are the different parts of a door lock called?

The main parts of a door lock are the cylinder, bolt, box and strike plate. It’s useful for any DIY-er to know how things around the home operate.

What is a door lock faceplate?

The faceplate is the decorative plate on the edge of the door. It helps guide the tongue and protect the latch. Standard faceplates have either square or radius/rounded edges.

What is a door guard plate?

Door plates and guards are installed on doors to secure them from break-ins and protect certain areas of the doors from vandalism or damage. Door cover plates conceal lockset holes in doors to help prevent break-ins.

What is door striker plate?

A strike plate is a piece of hardware that works with a lock to keep a door secure. Strike plates are installed on the door frame and contains a hole which receives the spring loaded latch or bolt which comes out of the latch or lock.

What is a Handleset?

Handlesets add a bold, decorative touch to an entry door. They include an exterior handle, a thumb-operated latch and a matching deadbolt. A knob or lever operates the latch from the inside.

How do you change a faceplate?

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Quote from Youtube video: And set it off to the side place the new faceplate over the socket pushing firmly so that the faceplate is flush against the wall screw in the screws.

What is a Jimmy plate?

The Jimmy Plate is designed to work in conjunction with the BOLT BUDDY. Many commercial doors have hollow steel frames. Unfortunately, when the frames are hollow this allows for a crowbar or screw driver to crush the frame away from the extended deadbolt.

What is a mortise plate?

A mortise refers to the pocket cut into the door where the lock is fitted. Therefore, a mortise lockset cannot be installed on just any door. They are great for replacing the hardware on homes built before 1950. They can be used on new doors, but special preparations must be made.

What is a door lock striker?

Door striker plates are the U-shaped clips that serve as the anchor for the door latches. The door striker plates are installed in the door jambs, and precisely aligned with the door latches so that the latches catch onto the striker plate when the doors are closed.

What does full escutcheon?

Definition of escutcheon

1 : a defined area on which armorial bearings are displayed and which usually consists of a shield. 2 : a protective or ornamental plate or flange (as around a keyhole) 3 : the part of a ship’s stern on which the name is displayed.

What is a cross bore on a door?

Bore holes are the holes in the door that house your door hardware and allow it to be installed. The cross bore is the main hole drilled into the face of the door where the body of the lock (chassis) is installed.

What is a door latch?

Door Latches. Door latches are a type of mechanical hardware used to fasten doors and keep them shut. A door latch uses a fastener attached to two ordinarily separated surfaces, most often the door and the frame, to prevent the door from swinging while still allowing normal operation when the latch is released.

What is the metal plate in a door frame called?

strike plate

A strike plate is the metal piece attached to the door jamb. As the door closes, the latch mechanism strikes the plate mounted to the jamb and the strike plate catches the mechanism and holds the door closed.

What is a lock jamb?

strike jamb, lock jamb

The vertical member of a doorframe on which the strike plate is installed.

How do you install a strike plate?

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Quote from Youtube video: Then mark the center point of the strike plate onto the door frame. Now take your drill fitted with the spade bit and drill a hole to a depth of around 25 millimetres take the strike plate.

How do you fix a striker plate on a door?

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Quote from Youtube video: Set this up to the old door this latch plate was too high so we're going to need to match. This out I used a pencil. And I made a mark on the bottom of where the latch is.

How do you fix a door jamb strike plate?

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Quote from Youtube video: An item you can use to fill these holes that most people already have in their homes are toothpicks toothpicks are a little bit too small to put one in there and call it a fix.